Add a little gap for your Mondays (44 Photos)

  • Quantrell Bishop

    #25 Perfect time to jet-ski photo bomb.

  • Seeeed

    I like a lot of the one on here, but special a mention for #27! Very nice, I like.

  • dan

    The best site ever..

  • Larry

    I find it impossible to believe, that after the tragedy in Connecticut, that you have decided to say absolutely nothing. Zip. Zero Nada.
    Please tell me where I'm wrong that gapage, kittens and girls that are beautiful but lost, preclude even a mention of the 5 to 7 year old's brutally murdered. You have never failed to rise to an occasion. You even created a Charity Dude. Fuck his dudeness.Fuck his new marriage to your sister. Shame on you for going through this weekend without saying so much as squat about this unspeakable tragedy, and that you are there too help.
    You, in your silence, have undone all the good that The Chive stood for, and while I am obviously and assuredly alone in this thought, am comfortable burying you with the innocent children,
    You have gone from a highly recommended, fun PG13 diversion, to the antithesis of what you were.
    I'm sure I'm alone here. I'm OK with that.
    Too. Too many other web sites at least took a moment to exhale, and comment.
    So you know, one reference is MilitaryPhoto.Net. 14 minutes into this tragedy, had 10 pages of input, comment , tears and condolences. World-fucking wide.
    What were you thinking? What were your sisters thinking? What was The Brigade thinking?
    Yea. Choose your weapon, fastest car, FLBP, and of course, "all heels report to my closet immediately"
    This was and will remain the single most tragic event in our history, because of the children.

    You responded well. Your paychecks are secure.

    Profits. Ya. There ya go, Man. Profits
    By your incessant and despicable adds, you have become bitches to the corporate model.

    And my choice is to flush you. Yes, like a turd in a toilet

  • Andrew Koster

    #1 ❤ ❤ ❤ love that that about finding her? pleeeeeeease? ❤ ❤

  • firefighter 21

    #8 love that butt. Gotta see MOAR of that great body please

  • ash

    you know whoever is behind #17 is gorgeously cute

  • cpdiddy

    #43 I'd like to mind and munch your gap. Hey Chive, any possibility of changing this piece to "munch my gap" instead of "mind my gap"? Jus wunderin

  • Chiver_Sammy

    You had me at #1 …

  • freezer boy

    #11 I would love to fill your gap!!!

  • Mike

    #21 go Vikings

  • southernluigi

    #1 for the Win…#40 MOAR!!!!

  • absure2

    #1 great photo
    #2 nice
    #12 sexy body
    #27 I think I`ve seen that smile before
    #40 Hot, Cute you name it

  • JoeyB

    #13 I am asking for her for christmas. I love everything about her and that picture. Hopefully the boat comes with her.

  • ChiverEric

    #13 I am asking for Moar. I wanna see if the rest of you is as cute as whats in the picture.

  • ATX Chiver

    #5 God Bless America!!!

  • @NoahEast

    #7 is perfect. I must have more.

  • Rick

    #3. Perfect rear view.

  • LBF 4 ever

    DAMN I love this post

  • southsider


  • dp91167

    OMG…16, 32, and 40….I would love the gap 24-7….Absolutely "beautiful"….

  • Bob

    #29 find her please so hot!!!!!!

  • freezer boy

    #11, #15,#31 hot hot hot!!!

  • AmericoPolk

    #7 earth just stopped

  • James

    #9 #39 and #42 are my Favs. . 🙂

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