Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • http://Brokewithhope.com Sober guy

    #48 SON OF A .. Single! 858429930eight! Call me Or send MOAR! Of that ass legs and heels! Porfavor!

  • nick

    Has anyone ever seen a funny thing writen by this guy?

  • aggressiveproggressive

    #20 how do I get that tshirt?

  • Rick

    #6 YOU ARE SEXY!!!!!! #10 Epic sexy costume fail 😦

  • grrregg

    #48 Newly single? By any chance do you need plans for Christmas and New Years Eve, any problem being spoiled? #50 If my plans don't work out………..But really, it is Monday and you have a Gap and I have a mind and I happen to adore you.

    • Dan

      Supergirl completely wins that competition. #50

  • Nick

    #48 Si! Por Favor, vienes a Texas. Umm…wait. Yea! Engrish. Please be a Texan.

  • Chimosteve

    Hey anyone know where you can get #22?

  • theG_Man

    Yep, it's gonna be a great week.

  • Nicnac

    #6 thumbs up if you saw Mary Kate or Ashley Olson…

  • https://www.facebook.com/mjawad2 Mohammad Jawad

    #18, Hey Chive, long time and loyal Afghan Chiver, from Afghanistan. Yep, Afghanistan now is that fucked up. but i have the Chive to get me through the day, thank you. KCCO

  • Giving Gary

    Good job man! Keep giving its a great gesture, send in some pix of where you take the stuff and the peoples reactions, those are priceless and what people seem to want to see… As for everyone saying do it anonymously, Do it how ever you want, take a pic like you did, do it in a Steve-0 bananna hammock, do it in a Batman outfit, who fucken cares just GIVE, and everyone else commenting on how he should do it, what the fuck have you done today for someone besides yourself?? I know what positive and helpful gesture I have done!!

    • Tom

      Haha, thanks brother. It's amazing how many people on here are being critical about it. Sorry I did something good and wanted to document it, I guess.

      Though, I have noticed that it's mostly dudes who are being critical. Figures.

  • Fal13n

    #50- Super girl is always just insanely amazing. We need a standing MOAR order for her!

    #15- So cute!

    #17- sweet lord…perfect!

    #21- Awesome. Wish I could go mountain biking with you!

    • LarBar

      Chive we beg you… Link us to all her photos! See all the Supergirl, fap all the day.

      Seriously though. Put thy searchbar to better use and let us search COTWs and all their images posted.

  • ZReigns

    That shit cray.

  • Austin19

    #48 you are too gorgeous not to be canadian!!

  • El Cid

    All I can say is some dude out there is an idiot, too bad for him. You're lookin' great from this chiver's POV.

  • b-dubs

    #40 Dem Eyes

  • http://twitter.com/SoCalChiver @SoCalChiver

    #48 one of the best face, boobs, ass, waist, eyes, smile seen on theChive..simply breath-taking

  • ConstableDubs

    #18 Afghanistan was actually a pretty nice country before the Soviets invaded and installed their government. Making advances in tolerance, women's rights, etc. Then the Soviet invasion led to the Mujhadeen, and eventually the Taliban taking control. A pity.

  • Kenny

    #48, I'd like to remedy that situation. Damn fool.

  • Raul

    #48 Oh My God… She's like heaven

  • Big d

    #4 #22
    Made spit coffee on my new laptop.

  • bandailey

    I'm gonna have to go with #15. Something about her makes my soul tickle.

  • Randellj1324

    #48. I'd like to bounce that Ass!!!!


    #50 Id wreck that if I had a chance

  • Big C

    Single for about 5 seconds.

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