Guess their profession? (6 Photos)

This mother and daughter are in business together, the adult film business. Jessica, 56, and her 22-year-old daughter Monica are known as the Sexxtons. The Floridians are making headlines across the globe and causing quite a bit of controversy these days for obvious reasons. Thoughts???

  • bobaso

    they're both ugly, they can..

  • IVAJ

    This is just a lazy ass hooker who taught her daughter her lazy ass whorish ways. Why dont they both get a decent job and save themselves from embarrassment. Sluts.

  • Dick Large

    First thing I thought was they were a couple of ho's.

    I was right!

    Yay for me.

  • socket2me

    And here I thought they were nuclear physicists

  • PBTTChicago

    Before and after models…that hopefully have a sense of humor after my comment.

  • Gabriel

    2 words.. Daddy..Issues..

  • dustinb3

    Ohhhh Florida. What will you come up with next…

  • Upup and away

    I'd throw it in the daughter, twice, and let mom clean me up.

  • So incest is hot?

    Anyone who finds any form of this acceptable is a sick mother fucker. Fucking each other, watching the other fuck someone else, so wrong. Replace mom with dad…it's the same fucking thing, you sick fucks. Would you be so okay with it then? Does it still turn you on if daddy is fucking his child? Does it turn you on when both parents do it because they are so fucked up? Do you realize what incest does to a person? This is not something a sane parent and a well adjusted child engage in. It mother fucking screams of a life time of sexual abuse. How many of you fuck your parents? I don't give a shit if they are two consenting adults…you still don't fuck your family. Report back to me when you've found a way to justify a parent having any form of a sexual relationship with their child. Yes, I'm angry, I always will be Fuck you.

    • no, but I'd watch

      umm… they don't bang each other… they just bang the same guy… Calm down and go listen to a koRn CD or something..

  • Kipco

    Is it just me or does the mom look like Penny Marshall?

  • LBF 4 ever

    i was thinking family hookers

  • insane we trust

    I saw a video of them a long time ago. The girl was hot, and I thought it was sweet that she was helping her ugly mom be able to get into porn.

  • ChristophersonofGray

    Definitely Florida.

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