It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (33 Photos)

  • off2drink

    Its not monday yet…Im still drining

    • anon

      Was just wondering why this is here myself, Totally not monday yet, but oh well ill take it!

  • Lucas_Schmidt

    Go home chive, you're drunk.

    • ghurdrunk

      O.M.G. That is hilarious, you really know how to throw out zingers. You're the best.

    • Mike Hunt

      yore sew awwwsum!

  • LBarto

    Now my Monday is gonna suck!

  • Hrdwood

    #33 Someone in the Chive offices is still drunk I see… posting shit one day early.

    • B4 I FU RU 18

      What a great place to work.

  • Projekt_J

    Great… now whats going to motivate me on Monday???

    • Car Ramrod


    • Ryan

      Mind the gap

  • OnOneWheel24

    Mac, add John to your next 'so you got wasted' post.

  • Yowza

    I am psychic!!!!
    #2 go Mike! You have a better chance than most of us.

  • Pokepoke

    #26 Its from a dutch TV show (and 2 movies) and is at times pretty hilarious


    • wim

      Niemand komt aan Maaskantje….

      • carmasterr

        Zunne grote vuurbal jonguh! BAM!

  • Rett

    #4 Dude kinda looks like Jay Cutler.

    Explains a lot, actually.

  • tv_paul

    #33 I also doubt any real Irishman would wear that hat. This is obviously a St. Patty's day imposter.

    • Paddy

      It's Paddy's Day.

      • tv_paul

        Your right, in Ireland it would be wrong to call it St. Patty's day but this guy I think is "honorary Irish" for who knows where in the US.

        • Paddy

          Also it's "you're"

          • tv_paul

            To quote Emil Faber, "Knowledge Is Good.

  • tv_paul

    #2 More likely these to get it on while he watches reruns of "The Streets Of San Francisco" on cable.

  • janco

    Wow duchebags try to comprehend the idea that somewhere in the world it's already Monday! The univese does not revolve around your time zone.

    • Claude

      And that makes them douche bags? Pot. Kettle. Black.

  • Browncoat

    #31 looks like Brian Posehn

    • Canucks_Rule

      haha, it does!!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #31 – i don't know what to say.

    • BoredGuy

      What an entertaining comment

  • Cavegilga

    I'm sick of people bitching about the Pawn Stars screwing people over. The people are not being forced to sell anything and it's their business, not a charity,

    • Kodos

      These people obviously don't know that *ALL* pawn shops do that.. it is an industry little better than loan-sharking.

      • obviously

        But at least I can be on TV when I sell off grandpa's war medals! and once I triple the money on roulette I can get all the latest gadgets! Pappy killed Nazis so I could buy the newest iPad to prove how much better I am then the losers with that crappy old version!

    • diehardcard

      The show is fake. A buddy of mine was on it. Sold a pic signed by a bunch of astronauts for $2000. It wasn't his pic and he didn't get to keep the money. He just showed up one morning when they happened to be filming and they pulled him off the street, gave him the pic to sell and let him ad-lib the dialog. True story.

  • Cpt Obvious

    #26 is actually a show in the Netherlands making fun of those people

  • MDSerles

    #12 Future City, IL! Haha, been there and that couldn't be more true!

    • DJ1

      Driven through there thousands of times. And for the people who haven't seen it, that's literally all of it. Nothing on the other side of the road.

      • Cotex

        Its Next to a bigger shit hole known as Cairo Illinois though.

  • teslawasrobbed

    #15 I think she's past the point of no return.

    • Kodos

      Aneurysm in three… two…

    • mezmer

      Wow, she's not even really sitting! She's standing with her ass placed on a chair .-D

  • betty

    #6 and none of the saw a girl naked before their 3rd decade of life either.

  • Alex

    #8 Whose face is that? That girl is HOT even with that fake chest poorly photoshopped in.

  • Ryan Lambert

    #15 Dat Ass!

  • Jeff

    #15 Dat ass.

  • Truth

    #15 #20 #22 'Murica!!!

    • The World

      ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  • Justsay OyVey

    #27 go home train your drunk.

    • giddy

      it's a tram, not a train…

    • skynethere


  • uplim

    #6 Wrong, Eowyn killed the Witch-King. Not Merry

    • bluppblupp

      Nazgul is the big winged lizard the witch-king is flying around on?! Also king of the nazguls.. No one in that pic said merry killed the witch-king!

      So you are wrong…

    • goatpunch

      It was a team effort. Merry and his numenorean blade get at least a half a sack for making him mortal, because middle earth and football. (the american kind)

    • bluppblupp

      This is totall bullshit!! I will slay you all with my pants-nasgul!!!!!

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