Journey to Victoria Falls and take a dip in the “Devil’s Pool” (27 Photos)

Via Buzzfeed

Via Buzzfeed


    A bit of wee came out just by looking at the photo's…. Fuck No!

  • Brad

    Went to Vic Falls when I was 14. It was an awesome sight, except some guy died falling off the tourist bridge when we were there!

  • tavta

    I'd want to sink more than float over there…


  • The Village Idiot

    Fuck that!

  • dave

    And how do you know when a surge of water that will throw you over the edge is on the way?


    I'm scared of heights to the point that the pool would get just a wee bit warmer with me in it.

  • bunedoggle

    First i was like NO FUCKING WAY. The #10 and I was like, well wait a minute…

    Then #22 happened and NO FUCKING WAY!!

  • Ari214

    Huh? What? How? And why would you put your kid in this type of danger?! #8

  • von Mises

    In America, you wouldn't be allowed to get within 200 feet of that pool thanks to attorneys.

  • Orukal

    #14 I could feel myself falling just looking at a few of these. No thank you.

  • @BigBlockJay


  • Guest
  • El Emm-el

    Going in March, whooo!

  • K-1

    #10: Best!

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