Signs full of ‘WTF’ (31 Photos)

  • pero21


  • @EricBoireau

    great to be up early to post first or second! love you guys! KCCO

    • fucked


  • SuperiorTo8

    #29 Then tell your friends to get a vehicle that protects them more than a bicycle does

    • Abear

      An idiot, dolt, or dullard is a mentally deficient person, or someone who acts in a self-defeating or significantly counterproductive way. Archaically the word mome has also been used. The similar terms moron, imbecile, and cretin have all gained specialized meanings in modern times.

      • Yeahhh

        Ummm, ok…

    • thom

      Or have those bike riders follow the rules of the road.

  • gclark

    #31 If the terrorist take away bewbs they will win!

    • Robzombie

      Terrorists don't like bewbs, or women, or people, or anything really. They are just walking hate monsters that seem to only like death as an escape from their self imposed misery

    • kennesaw georgia

      If we let them take our guns, the terrorists already won.

      • aceldama

        Scary part is I think you really believe that….

  • happy day

    Toilet rooms can be a magical experience!


    #22 seems full of win to me.

  • everyonepoops

    lots of toilet humor in this post 😮

    • so does bob

      cause it is a shitty post

  • p1ll

    #11 never a truer word spoken

    • Hrdwood

      Satan walks the earth in my household every 28 days too…

  • herp de derp

    that's just nuts

  • Poodle of death

    What's wrong with Sirius Black?

    • Sir Cadogen

      Ask the Fat Lady.

  • jessica

    #22 near me in idaho. My friend goes there every year for fireworks.

    • Bonney Lake Mom

      I'm pretty sure this sign is on the Muckleshoot Indian Reservation on the Auburn / Enumclaw highway in Washington state

    • Bonney Lake Mom

      My bad it is on River Road in Puyallup, WA I knew I saw this somewhere around my area. Here is a Picasa link as someone snapped a photo of it. There a lot of Ill Eagle Firework stands in the US but I knew this picture was from WA.

  • John Knolhoff

    I see #10 picking up a few new followers today

    • aceldama

      They do this locally. Call it striperoke. It is pretty hard trying to sing wtih someone stripping and shooting ping pong balls 3 feet away from you.

    • Chester Copperpot

      Stay classy Erie pa

      • Dan

        My house is literally 200 feet away from there

  • Static

    #25 best part.. North of Intercourse…. Blue Ball PA!! lol

    • its_BACON

      So if you're planning a trip to Intercourse and wind up in Blue Ball, you'll now you made a wrong move?… 😉

  • Scott

    #4 makes anyone else's argument invalid.

  • tv_paul

    #30 Liquor ..I hardly know her.

  • tv_paul

    #12 Best served al dente

  • Sir Tits Alot

    #11 thats go "Road Rage "written all over it lol

  • Canucks_Rule

    #1 – this sign actually makes total sense.

    • BoredGuy

      Alright alright, I like how there is some effort in this one.

      • Canucks_Rule

        ur response bores me.

  • ChiverLance

    #2 That's one of the signs in Long Island, I saw a few of those up there when guys from my fire house (NC) and I went up to help out. It's still really bad up there, a lot of devastation.

  • chivester

    #20 let me guess…he's a gynecologist

  • greg

    #17 wow what a deal!

    • Mari

      such laziness. usually they drop one cent to make us believe it is on sale.

    • Alby

      I spent 79.99 on the same pair… DAMNIT I should of waited.

  • MD2

    I have no idea how to put images in here, but…. #8 – Go Kingston Ont!

  • RooFeeOOO

    #4 wins. I bet they have worms.

  • babaganush

    #22 seems legit

  • U Talking to Me?

    #23 Is that mail box flipping me off?!?

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