• Stomper

    No punches thrown? Wtf?

    • josh

      I thought it would have ended in a fight too, the way the guy got out of the chevy.

      • C Money

        Did anyone else notice that it was in the parking lot of Walmart? Way to be America. Some of our finest examples…..

      • matt

        there was.. they stopped filmin it

    • Andy

      The article says punches were thrown, just didn't get it on video.

    • btown

      yeah that was my home town…so proud. Burlington, NC

      • Steven

        Yeah, that is btown… so sad. Seems to be a growing trend around here.

        • btown

          Yeah, the rednecks are growing like the mexicans are. Havent found many chivers or chivettes around burlington either

  • Moose

    Dude in the Chevy was like, "Do it again!!!" Does he really want that shit pulled around like a rag doll again?

    • https://www.facebook.com/yann.mathieu Yann

      Didn't he tell him " Jerk " ?

    • Clint


  • voltrade

    some people shouldn't be allowed to vote

    • guest

      yes, they are called Democrats

      • huh this guy^

        said some fat soda drinking fool

      • guest

        and middle class people that think they are actually republicans

      • Yoda in 2016

        The butthurt is strong with this one.

      • Reality

        The irony here being that the two mouth breathers involved in this video were very likely Republicans.

    • Verbal_Kint

      or reproduce

    • dogdong

      ya people that buy Chevys are kinda stupid.

  • Mack

    Wow talk about salt on the womb….freaking dragged him around the parking lot! haha

    • Chivette


      • SaltyDog

        Salt in the womb would be pretty bad too…

    • Chaosd

      hahahaha! "salt on the womb"! It's "salt on the wound"

    • SaltOnTheWomb

      i love this analogy and plan on using it in the future…

    • truth

      Salt on the womb…priceless.

    • jack

      Pretty sure all the wombs involved should be salted….for the good of everyone. And way to coin an awesome new phrase!

    • Mack


    • velvethammer

      salt on the wound, dipshit. womb. good grief! no wonder 'Merica is in the shape it's in!

      • Mack

        Relax.. Capitalize those fragments you are insulting me with.

  • tv_paul

    Those trucks must be in love cause they're gettin' hitched.

  • droppin loads!


    • Arcona


    • flyboy

      Some days I'm proud of this country, other days………not so much.

    • Gomer

      FUCK YEAH!

  • Edward

    Haha dude I was watchin this

    • HANK

      Yeah I'm pretty sure we all were

  • rob

    Famous last words from these rednecks – Dude! Hold my beer!!!

    • Scooby Doo

      Did you come up with that on your own?

    • D_Bones

      Mommy, watch this.

  • Arcona

    I don't understand the world…

  • Mr. Milk


    • Mike

      get off this site

      • Mr. Milk

        Just sayin that they are a little crackers. You know?

        • FarmBoy

          Mr.Milk stop complaining just because crackers and milk don't go well together.

    • Jeff W.

      Lol, I'm white, and I thought this comment was hilarious.
      Stupid fucking Rednecks, man.

  • Mike

    what an asshole!

  • WileEOne

    I 'member these two coon dogs I had humpin' one time… the male got stuck inside the bitch… she dragged him around backwards all day…

    Stupidest thing I've ever seen… until now.

    • beetlejuice

      Funny shit right der! U win the internet today.

  • TheRealLomo

    Napoleon complex VS. Napoleon complex. Who ever wins, we lose.

    • The Jake

      no, we win. They lose every day they're alive.

  • Garrett


    • bobby1198

      yep…welcome to Fabulous Burlington, NC.

  • fucked

    Well that settles the cummins vs duramax debate

    • huntnfish

      wasnt even a duramax, it was a gas chevy vs the diesel dodge

      • fucked

        Yea my bad. I didn't think anyone would be stupid enough to run a gas vs diesel…then I realized what I was watching

        • PowerStrokewins

          That. And most of that shit has to do with weight and the amount of traction the tires have. I wouldn't say engine is everything

          • caseyb

            With a name like Powerstrokewins you should know that diesels will have a much higher horse power and torque for the size of engines

    • Jon

      To bad that was a gas job, not a duramax

      • dogdong

        wouldn't have mattered, Chevy is the number one selling truck only because we Americans are fucking dumb

        MOPAR!!!! BITCHES!!!!!

        • YourMom

          Actually ford is the #1 selling truck…

    • biggun

      How when the Chevy is gas?

  • Nate Dizzle

    Dude with the Dodge simply had a turbo diesel that he got all spooled up and started first!

  • https://www.facebook.com/hannah.fontenot Hannah Fontenot

    So the dodge won then?

    • Pax

      No we all lost..

    • Goober

      I think it was a tie.

  • Jbs

    Oil patch!

  • http://www.facebook.com/shawn.malanaphy Shawn Malanaphy

    Anyone have a youtube link?

    • Youtube Link

      i'm looking for a youtube link tooo =/

    • acoustrix
      • lawnguyland

        Gotta love the Sierra pick-up advert before the video.

  • Turd Ferguson

    Dodge took off before the chevy got off the brakes.

    • John

      agreed…was gonna post this, but the Turd wins again!!

  • Baxpin

    Redneck westside story

  • duckfart4U

    What is she whining about? What part of "tug of war" don't you understand? And Bitch -your boyfriend just got fuckin' schooled! Now bring dad's truck back home and hope he doesn't notice the 4 bald tires….

    • Bowl full of Jelly

      actually, the dodge won, which was her car. So, her boyfriend was probably the guy doing the schooling. But yeah, my first thought was: there goes four good tires as well.

  • jim

    "My dick is smaller! No MY dick is smaller!! THAT'S IT!! GET IN THE TRUCK AND LET'S SETTLE THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!"

  • Chester

    Before this turns into a Dodge vs. Chevy war, I wanna point out that guy with the Chevy is an absolute mental midget. The Chevy has a gas engine, the Dodge has a tricked out diesel engine, the Chevy deserved that.

    • Chris

      I'll see your "guy with the Chevy is an absolute mental midget" and raise you "everyone in this video is fucking retarded."

    • sureman123

      well the guy in the chevy didn't have to hook to the chain now did he…
      however it was good for the best laugh all day!

  • 87eddiemac

    It's like the Montagues and Capulets only with more Milwaukee's Best and incest.

    • Garret

      That maybe the funniest comment I've read in a long time.

    • Rebecca

      I'd probably go with Stag on this one.

    • rooster

      you made my day buddy

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