• Giggity Giggity

    Didn't surprise me to see that this was done in a Wal-Mart parking lot…

  • Aaron TheSoloist Genske

    if it were me, i woulda let my truck roll into the back of his when he stopped… or jus put it in reverse and hammer on it.. not lock my brakes up and slide the tires… hes lucky the truck didnt even flip goin over the curb.. AND thats about the only thing the Cummins can pull.. the chevy aint even a diesel!!!!!

  • ralphamus

    shit, i could tow that dodge around the parking lot with my dick

  • andrebarrie

    this happened in my hometown…smh

  • Justin

    That, was fucking hilarious. I'd have drug his ass down the interstate, and maybe pulled into an arby's drivethrough with his shit trailing behind mine.

  • Alex

    Man that girl sounds annoying as hell.

  • ILoveYourMom

    are we still friends?

  • americasucks

    …and it's the same country that controls most of the world's nukes. Fucking americans.

  • sean

    I hate dodge love GMC but trying to take on a Cummings f**king ritard

  • dodge guy

    a tug of war is the stupidest thing to do to your truck, and it always proves nothing. Either way, it was hilarious to watch

  • RD14

    You think they're compensating for something?

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