Another survival bunker built because in ‘Merica you never can be too careful (44 Photos)

  • AB

    Wow… what an absolute waste ot money……I want one!

    • Trig

      Built for Ron Hubbard…and its decorated in 70's gear? Save ur doe..

    • Big_James

      I am reminded of the hatch in LOST…look it even has a computer I wonder if they have to put a series of numbers in to keep the world from blowing up? #25

    • J.C.

      total waste of money, the money should of went to food, water, and more storage for the food and water if they really wanted to make a real bunker, instead of trying to make it look all nice.

      • Berty

        Agreed, way to completely take the survival out of survival shelter. Moron.

  • Delta Zero Niner

    Best gallery description ever

    • BAC

      So when something does go down….this is who will be left to re-populate the world…I am glad I will not be around. Keep your stupid tube…


  • voonoo

    #33 i'd hate to take a dump down there, the whole place would stink

    • techno_viking

      You mean you'd hate for someone else to take a dump. Everyone loves their own brand…

    • Datakin

      I'd hate to be down there when you take a dump! 😡

  • Stupid

    Park a couple of vehicles over the doors and start filling it with water.

    • chivettelove

      ya, because you would have plenty of water to fill it up… did you not see the size of that.

    • Chaosd

      interesting Idea. Where are you going to get the water from? It's a big open field with no sizable water sources around. An easier thing would be to just bury the air intake.

      • HUH?


        step one: place one kitchen sized trash bag over the air intake port.

        step two: wait.

        • Speechless

          Yep. Didn't this guy ever see "The Dirty Dozen"?

          I'd want an escape hatch.

    • Alex

      "It covers Mayan predictions, inclement weather, a zombie apocalypse…you name it"…..doesn't really cover tsunamis, does it? if the whole place above is flooded, death by asphyxiation is certain….good thinking haha

  • echogeo

    The ultimate man cave.

    • Krystal

      Exactly what I was thinking.

    • Bdon

      If the world ends what the fuck is he going to be watching?

      • Inspector space time

        A lot of re-runs I would imagine

        • tophernator

          The hidden cupboard beneath the tv contains 6 petabytes of digital storage… all of it full of illegally downloaded porn.

  • CaptainInsano

    Didn't see any extra TP… I'll take my chances outside

  • Tsa

    So stupid it hurts my brain

    • txthorpe

      If the guy lived in Tornado alley and bought this for a storm shelter, he would be viewed as extravagant but cool. Pin 'doomsday' to it and the guy becomes an idiot.

      • Tickler

        Anyone building a home in tornado alley to begin with is an istant idiot. Although that is a little harsh, it is true. Same with the people who rebuilt along the coast of where Katrina ravaged.

        Maybe they enjoy rebuilding homes?

        • joe

          What about all the idiots in NYC? And all the idiots in Florida? And all the idiots near the mississippi? No matter where you live shit happens.

  • Menotyou


    • Eder

      You're so first that you're retarded.

  • ERP

    ya I bet it'd be real hard to destroy their air vents

    • Gah

      Uh, they planted a bush to conceal it!

  • tv_paul

    I wonder if this any relation to L. Ron Hubbard, I so I'd be hiding too. PS sure have the injured little girl do all the work.#40

    • rej

      "If it doesn't turn the crank it gets the hose again"

  • shamshe

    i want one too!

  • jim thorton

    haha, seems like a waste of money, until something goes down. They everyone will be all "oh man, I should have built ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ZOMBIES!!!"

    • MLDM

      Let's keep in mind here that zombies are fictional, kinda like unicorns or Pamela Anderson's boobs, and save the 30 grand this thing costs.

      • Guest

        Boobs that can be fondled, squeezed or played with, are real regardless of the material used to construct them.

  • Guest

    Not bad, but if you're going to spend that much money, go for broke and get an old missile silo! Live out the apocalypse in style!

  • Kato

    Seeing as California has a huge fault line in the middle of it, he is fucked if an earthquakes or a continental drift happens.

  • CowboyChiver

    Just when I thought you couldn't be any dummer you go and do something like this… And totally redeem yourself!


    • VedHead77

      That guy really is dummerer! Your rite!

      • Tim

        OMG i kno!

    • chivetastic

      … says the person that cannot spell dumber? …

    • Lloyd Xmas


  • Unfkngblvbl

    #22 It's gonna get dirty down there.

    • nodon

      Rain + dirt + opening flush to the ground doesn't seem like a good mix.

  • rsc

    Robert DeNiro and Christopher Walken approve of this bunker.

  • Nigel

    I don't like what it says about me when I look at this and I'm like "Dang, Ron. That seems like pretty good idea."

  • nodon

    Having that name might make you predisposed to crazy.

  • Reewee

    Garbage bags + tape on the air ducts.
    Then lie in wait in the immediate area with a gun.

    • Lee

      Do you honestly think there is only one way in and out of something like that? Not to mention those guys have early detection for idiots with garbage bags and tape… You'll be lucky to make it to his air ducts, and no one will find your remains.. haha

  • CallMeMaybe

    #33 Where does the poo go?

  • passwordistaco

    #22 Why wouldn't you line up the ladder?

    • Anaphylaxis

      You get what you pay for…

    • CowboyChiver

      Everyone knows zombies can't climb complex ladders…

  • Verbal_Kint

    Tube sweet tube.

  • asdasd

    lol… white people

  • LOL

    TV,Computer,running water, Oh yeah what happens when all that gets shut off. o.0

    • Shoofly

      You turn the generator on.

      • your just as bad

        What happens when you run out of gas to run the generator?

        • john smith

          that may what the hand crank is for… but no idea what happens to the water in the toilet if sh*t hits the fan

          • Bobby Klobber

            I can smell it already.
            Everyone will be begging to open the hatch and just die to get it over with.
            Whats the point in surviving anyway without reality tv?

    • chivettelove

      wow, you figured out the ONE thing he must not have considered. What happens when electricity gets shut off in a major event. Because the chance of losing electricity in a major crisis never happens right? You should totally be a doomsday consultant.

    • Jacob Ogden

      its run off a generator….. thats what the other tube with gas tanks in it is for.

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