Another survival bunker built because in ‘Merica you never can be too careful (44 Photos)

  • 1911

    A few of those people look like they won't be able to climb the ladder out of there

  • duckfart4U

    #39 – "Just leave the kids"
    Pedo bear

  • Auhnold

    Seems like many of these shelters have one vent for fresh air, or one system for waste. If your vent or waste gets covered or broke by debree you are shyt out of luck. And lets face it they expect severe debree and distruction if they are burying these underground and making them ot begin with

  • jeff

    Texans…am i right?

  • Shoofly

    And if your "crazy neighbor" built one of these and you spent your time mocking and laughing at him, do you think he'd let you in if something really did happen?

  • Dave #2

    Pretty cool – but Ark Two shelter is 42 buried school busses in concrete. Minus the gum under the seats I hope…

  • yahtzee09

    Does anyone else get pissed that these morons have been successful enough in life to have the money to build shit like this?

  • duckfart4U

    hmmmmm. Let's see. Deep underground. In a tube. Possibly for months. With my family. I'm sorry, I'll just take some bacon and stay up here with the zombies thanks.

  • what a nut ball

    wonder what the total cost is though for purchase, install, and outfitting it with all the gear and shit. Gotta be close to $100k

  • Steve

    The Chive, Babylon edition, had something similar when Moses was building his Ark. 🙂

  • Ole

    Whenever the world does come to some sort apocalyptic, cataclysmic end, wouldn't this solution just seem like being buried alive en masse, in a large casket with a few supplies and favorite items (see: big screen tv)? It's just a big grave site. Stupid.

    I for one want to see what is going to melt my face off before I die horribly, rather than run to my hole and die horribly.

  • TheBeagle

    The bed sheets say all we need to know. You can't say "Texans" without saying "Crazy Fucking" first.

  • Gigs

    I'm in the wrong business. I need to start selling metal tubes to people they'll never use for 30 grand.

  • wmcritter

    I'd rather have an above-ground fortress than an underground bunker. A tall fortress gives you good lines of sight to see approaching zombies, commies, etc., and allows you to grow food, collect rainwater, dispose of sewage, etc. I just don't see any benefit at all to going underground. I'd take a fortified 2-story cinder block house over anything underground, even a missile silo.

    • sunblock

      1 word: Fallout.

  • @JohnJofre

    Shitters full…… what?

  • Anon

    Americans are so messed up

  • Screwdriver

    Where are the tie down points for the Gimp?

  • ABQChiver

    Paranoid much? And people say pro athletes piss their money away.

  • CplCupcake

    I guess since the world is ending he figured he could blow his kids' college fund on this.

  • Ryan

    I'm going to fart in his air snorkel on Saturday

  • chivettelove

    I love how everyone is picking it apart like its made to be an elite defensive position. Like if some major event happened, everyone would be looking for secret bunkers, or know what anything was out there. Most would probably think its part of a sewer or anything else.

  • Dave

    Is the camera in a random bush not a give away?

  • Bri

    I betcha there is no financing available. All payments due by 12/20/12

  • guest

    #27 white camera against green tree background is not well hidden. Also need remote controlled 50 cal machine gun, flame thrower and a couple of rpg's.

    • Guest

      I'm gonna guess it's an ongoing project …

  • Morgan

    Thats bad ass I want one

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