Another survival bunker built because in ‘Merica you never can be too careful (44 Photos)

  • Dr. Evil

    Silly tinfoil hats.

  • ...dumba**

    You sir seem to have a low amount of guns and food. The 2 most important things if anything happened….

  • nouuu


  • Victor

    I want one just to get away from the wife I don't have

  • Adam Warlock

    Why would you need a safe? It's not like you can hoard Twinkies anymore.

  • skrolnik

    The vaults were never meant to save anyone.

  • rayyaan

    and if there is a flood ?=/

  • coolstoryhansel


    I wonder if any potential bandits will notice this one.

    i also wonder if a bunker buster would take this out with a direct hit because i'm more interested in bombs than bomb shelters. but they're both fucking sweet.

    second thought i like bomb shelters more

  • sunblock

    How did all the furniture fit through that small manhole?

  • northerner

    Always was fascinated by abandoned missile silos. Maybe I'm part groundhog but I've liked the thought of living underground, especially in Winter or severe storm seasons. Looks like it would work and I assume you would have back up power sources and defense systems. Not to mention a bonzai sewage removal system…agree it looks like an awesome man cave.

    Right now, wishing we were underground. Ground blizzards/high winds in Southeastern Colorado. Brrrr.

  • gradaddy

    #38 those are some weird california flag bed sheets…

  • Dani

    people are so crazy ahhahaahahaha

  • K-1

    Talk about affordable housing!

  • jespasinthru

    A bunch of fat people in cramped quarters for an extended period of time, with very little storage space for food, water & medicine. Looks like a death trap to me. I'd rather stock up on ammo and take my chances on the surface. Nice gun safe, though.

  • Aero {'_'}

    deffinite need

  • ChristophersonofGray

    Looks like an underground man cave, that is all.

  • Brian Mendicino

    I'd take one of these, but only to use it as a fort for adults or a man cave. Survival shelter is just stupid.

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