Dogs bring much needed relief to a devastated community (45 Photos)


  • @tonytouch24kt

    Always look to the people helping in times of need. Light in times of darkness. Chive on!

    • JoeyV

      Beautiful, just beautiful.

  • not a cat

    Dogs are AWESOME! !

    • MylesofStyles

      Not to mention that cats piss on you if they sense sadness.

  • echogeo

    I don't think I'll ever be able to wrap my head around this tragedy.

  • beetlejuice

    A good dog can heal all wounds

    • Courtesy Flush

      and they can lick there butt's too.

  • Diego's Dad

    My little buddy turned 10 today. Happy Birthday buddy!

  • LeO

    Dogs are the greatest pets

  • FinishedFiber

    This is stupid, petting a dog wont help you grieve, I feel sorry for these poor people. pray for Newton

    • Edwin

      A dog might help, praying definitely won't.

      • IrishChive

        Neither will help in honesty.

        • Buntcake72

          You really are an asshat aren't you? Again, I live 15 miles from there and ANY AND ALL measures of kindness are remembered. What the fuck have you done to help them? I've donated, called, written to help in any way I can.

          I swear, people like you make me weep for this planet. Uncaring, self centered, and probably expecting the world owes you everything. Just jump off a cliff douchebag.

          • your just as bad


            • Bromat

              You are exactly what's wrong with this world.

      • Edlose

        Fuck you Edwin! How to you know praying won't work? Praying does work. I have prayed for many things and got what I wanted out of my prayers. Yea, God doesn't always give what you prayed for but oh well still thankful. For the people of Newtown that are praying, I'm sure he is listening.

        • ChivetteKellie

          If you pray for patience, God won't give you patience; He will give you the opportunity to learn patience. If you pray for healing, He will not heal you, He will give you the opportunity to heal.

      • Kellie

        "…The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective." James 5:16
        Prayer changes everything.

    • beetlejuice

      Then you really haven't experienced life yet Lil pup.

    • Bromat

      Petting a dog WILL help you grieve. Duh. That's why there are these types of services.

    • Username Taken

      Science has proven petting a dog can drop blood pressure, and relieve stress. Seems to be exactly what a grieving person might need.

    • SmokeyTheBear

      Animals have been used as a way of coping for years. Do some research. This has been a great way to feel love in a time of pain or anger. Veterans with PTSD, elderly people in nursing homes, children with disabilities, etc..

    • Guest

      You sir are an asshole and not worthy of the handle IrishChive. Keep your mouth shut.

      • boob_cuddler

        Cat person talking.

        • Via

          Also not true. He's just an asshole. We cat people just pet our cats instead of dogs.

    • techno_viking

      Based on this statement, you obviously have some pent-up anger, which I'm guessing stems from the loss of a loved one that you have yet to cope with. I suggest you talk to someone about it.

    • ImpressMe

      I think we can all see where the stupid is here….. feel sorry for yourself….you are just pathetic.

    • Cleveland

      Patently untrue. Why do you think they have therapy dogs to begin with numbnuts?

    • kelly

      You sir are a HUGE d-bag! The dogs provided a means of escape for the community. Interacting with dogs has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and blood pressure, which I am sure that this community needs after everything that has happened

    • MrPeddycord

      I'm know this has been said, but I too believe you to be an asshole.

    • Kilgore_Trout

      You, sir, are a clown shoe.

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #40 I'm still in a state of denial. Innocence has been taken from these children way too early. My heart goes out to those who are affected by this tragedy.. May you all find peace.

  • MikeBedlam

    #5 That smile changes everything. Great post, Chive.

    • Anonymous

      Honestly, if reincarnation is real, I want to come back as one of these dogs. Very well taken care of and letting other people give them massages helps those people cope. That's an infinite amount of wins I. My book.

  • Nub

    Good shit for a shitty situation…..

  • Lucas_Schmidt

    No matter how many times they poop in your carpet, dogs are the best pets ever.

  • tv_paul

    I don't think since 9-11 I've openly wept over anything as this tragedy. Bravo to the K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs . A dog's love in unconditional.

  • KS Chivette

    I can't tag enough pictures. This album is awesome. PETS themselves are natural mood enhancers and can improve your health in many ways, most importantly though bringing up spirits in time of sadness. My thoughts will continually be with those affected by recent tragedies. KCCO

  • sfb101

    Goldens are the best dogs in the world! Nothing can top them.

    • SmokeyTheBear

      Border Collies are close but yes, Golden Rettrievers are great.

      • Rach

        I have to say labs are pretty awesome as well.. Then again they're both in the retriever group 😉

    • Tony

      Bernese Mountain dogs are like overstuffed teddy bears

  • rtwfdsa

    Millions of dogs are killed in shelters/abuse/starvation in the us alone. I think the dogs need some humans to pet rather.

  • Moffatt

    If this isn't the next Chive fundraiser I may have to come over there and smack you…

  • Tillman61

    Dogs… is there anything they can't do? Bless these animals and those poor people –

  • rtwfdsa

    You're an idiot*

  • AndrewB

    These dogs are part of an Initiative that was started to help the families and students from the NIU valentines day shooting years back, glad to see it is still here to help in any way it can now!

    • fact checker

      for the record chive charities, this is something I would donate to.

  • bigcityreem

    As a father, I still can't let go of the tragedy on Friday. My heart truly goes out to that entire community.

  • Blue

    Goldens are the BEST! I love having my boy Shane greet me every day when I come home from work. Great post Chive! My heart goes out to all the grieving families

  • Wisti

    #9 I think that kid is trying to figure out what's so great about this dog when he has his at home that actually plays with him… #23 is the only one that looks alive and actually cares there is a person there.

    • Wisti

      Appologies, I meant #10 . That little girl is an adorable girl, not a boy

      • Justin

        Why are you on the Chive? You are not the type of person this community wants to be involved with.

    • bob429

      Therapy dogs are trained to let the person drive the interaction. Someone in grief doesn't necessarily
      want a happy goofy dog to play with. Much of the time, they need a dog who will stand by them and allow them to work out their feelings. The dog's job is only to provide companionship; to allow the person to touch and hold them; to show that they are there and that they care; and to stay, no matter what.

  • guest

    I guess the feel good cats were too busy out pissing people off

  • Bromat

    #17 & #36 look like they really needed this moment. Thank you got giving it to them.

    • Bromat


  • Awesome


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