• Dr. Awesome

    No votes will be given today.

  • Chase

    Can't say I would purchase any of these designs, but I must say these are an improvement from the finalists of the last couple contests. No shirt from these contests has ever really blown me away, but I assume that The Chive continues to do these contests because they are making a profit from sales…so who is really to blame here? The company that holds the contests, or the idiots who continue to purchase these less than stellar designs? Regardless, KCCO….but for real, one time I'd like to see a truly unique design…you know, something that doesn't involve bacon, movie quotes, etc…

  • bryanole27

    Sounds like everybody in the comments section needs to submit their own design…since they can all obviously do better.

    • Jestin Beran

      Thank you!

    • JKelty

      Everyone posting negative comments is basically saying, "No, I would not wear these". Valid comments.

      • bryanole27

        Big difference between being constructive and having an opinion, and just being a negative ass. Valid or not.

  • Jestin Beran

    You might not like them but did you get off your ass and do anything about it? What's that?…. No?…You just want to bitch? Well, I'm so happy you can sit on your ass and complain! If you don't like it, don't buy it or make something better. That's like telling a bartender at a dive bar you can make stronger drink then they can. KCCO!

    • Mustard

      Just so you know you don't need to get off your ass to design a t-shirt.

    • sandy astroglide

      Wait a minute, you're also complaining!! That's so ironic!!!

  • Hunter


  • jay

    Is that from threadless?

  • Jefferson

    It's really disappointing to see the Chive community blasting the works of other Chivers. I would assume anyone with a ton of negative feedback lacks either the creativity or the ambition to try anything of their own. David Wong recently wrote a great article at about how easy it is to trash someone else works while sitting on your ass. Maybe instead of holding out for someone else to make a shirt you want, learn photoshop or illustrator and submit.

    • bryanole27

      Read that article yesterday and it was brilliant. These people don't DO anything.

    • JKelty

      I did submit my own, so I reserve the right to trash these "finalists". They're all unimaginative, and everyone posting negative comments is basically saying, "No, I would not wear these".

    • Jonathan Varrassi

      In the normal internet world, these comments wouldn't shock me. It is well proven that people who are satisfied dont offen see a need to comment, and people who are dissatisfied feel the need to tell the whole world. The problem I have here is that this is the Chive community. This community is different than the rest of the internet communities. We rise up as a community, and help fallen soldiers get back on their feet. Help local communities recover from devastating storms. We help support those who deserve a fair shake at life. We as a community K.C.C.O. I am disgusted that so many of us have turned to negative so quickly over these t-shirt designs. Are these designs the greatest things since Michelle Jenneke … no. Do the Chivers who took their time to come up with these designs deserve to be ridiculed by the community that they designed them for … no. Instead of simply saying these shirts stink, and that they aren't worth the fabric they would be printed on lets offer support, and ideas for better shirts. Lets provide constructive criticisms that lead more Chivers to try and come up with designs the community ask for. Lets not discourage new designers for ever trying to attempt to design new shirts in fear of being ridiculed by the community. Chivers are better than that. Chivers care for one another. Chivers dont let things get them down. Chivers Keep Calm and Chive On.

  • AZGator

    no vote

  • Stephen

    In the words of Charles Barkley…"Turrable, just turrable!"

  • Stephen

    Read comments first…. YUP, these suck ba]]s!!!!! Scrap it now so we don't have to go through the pain of seeing a winner

  • lulu

    dang , its like i have to rate them from most crappy to least

  • LeaMagneto

    If I voted for any of these I would be lying.

  • Mustard

    These are lamer than the fucking shirts I can buy at Wal Mart or Target.

  • Mike

    I got 2 words for ya…….LAME

  • siki

    i am so sick of these mustache faces with no features, they are stupid.

  • james

    none really appeal to me except the "Itd be alot cooler if you did one" thats one of my favorite movies of all time!!

  • Disillusioned

    I submitted an awesome Life Fucking Aquatic and it never made the finalist cut WTF? I'll just have it made myself and rock LFA on my own.

  • socalmarti

    Vote for Pedro?

  • rstabbs71

    Kind of a shame really, I'm a professional colorist for Marvel Comics, and they haven't even considred my design for 2 months running, guess they think no one would be interested in a Daily Morning Awesomness shirt. I give up on them

  • USC chiver

    These shirts are all awful…I wouldn't pay anything for these.

  • Pikesville

    Damn I like both of the finalists. Tough crowd.

  • Andrew M

    Nothing brings out the haters and whiners quite like a chive T-shirt competition.

    • sandy astroglide

      Don't you hate that? Feel free to whine about it.

  • sean


  • WTF

    I got my BFM zombie land shirt made and gave to my employees for xmas…don't need the chive to print them

  • Garrett T

    They should do a shirt of Sara Jean Underwood just like the BFM and call it the SJFU! Just sayn…….

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