• Brandon VanTassel

    I know for a fact my girlfriend posted two different designs that were both way better than these.

  • DriveBy


  • Lame

    All are lame.

  • Canucks_Rule

    do like the gizmo tee, but still wouldn't buy it. hasn't been a really good one since "case of the mondays."

  • Grumpy

    Just like last time…A bunch of hipster, retro designs that you could get at any online "Cool Teez" store. Look, stop trying to churn out THIS stuff and focus on what you should been able to do all along: maintain an available supply of proper Chive T's. We'll see these in "clearance" for the next two years.

  • sandy astroglide

    The people who submitted must not get enough fiber, I can crap out a better design than these.

  • RED CUP 1 to 10

    Really!?! I used to make t-shirts, as in a real business, and I can say that I would not have produced any of these. BTW, I submitted a design and I know it would have gotten a better reception than all of these. CHIVE, you phoned this in, or the company you are using to manage this is a comprised of a bunch of BOOBS!

  • nick konrad

    Flamingo Rider would have been a hit!

  • Overland

    WHAR law enforcement KCCO?

  • This is Mine

    This was my submission. Let me know what you guys think.

  • svp

    "maybe I'll vote for that last one that I liked" said no one ever

  • BPooch

    Most of you people are dickheads. The Dazed and Confused t-shirt is fucking awesome. If you don't like it, you don't like the movie. I have to agree with some of the non dickhead posts, why bash fellow Chivers and their ideas when most aren't trying a damn thing.

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