New mail order brides are ready to set sail (34 Photos)

  • Jay2theJay

    No effin' way. I refuse to believe that a single one of these girls is single or not well taken care of in their country. Here in the U.S., aaallllll of these girls would at least be engaged by now. I'm not buying it…

    • Pat

      I agree with you 100 percent

  • Dwide Schrude


  • DrBoogie_R32

    #6 Could put me in the poor house.


    #23 Yah yah! I hope she's at least 18.

  • Dave

    #5 and #19 a must, the omly reason i wish i was rich, when i was done I just order a new one.

  • Dave

    #5 knows how to straddle a piece of wood.

  • Chris robibson

    Omg they r so fine

  • Cgyachilles

    What is going on in Russia. How are there so many hot women. All for sale on the internets

  • Chris Robinson

    All I want for chismas ?

  • Ontario Chiver

    #34 I've placed my order… when does she arrive??? Once she does, no one will hear from me!

  • Spark

    #10 Will definitely sell our military secrets back to Mother Russia… I can probably let that slide though.

  • Nigel

    Why aren't these women modeling?

  • Canucks_Rule

    #1 #6 – yes, i'll take two.

  • Brett Hall

    I'll take a #17 please, with a side of #28

  • Well

    I wouldn't mind banging a few of this rusky's boxes around…but marrying one would be the dumbest move you could make..

    • Boy Howdy

      Yeah, that's a fact. My cousin married some chick from the Ukraine and that was one of the worst choices he ever made. She was nothing but a gold-digging cunt that disappeared after she got here. Costs him thousands and broke his heart. I know the bitch lives in Ann Arbor but haven't found out any more info (so far). He died but I will make things right when I find her.

  • Mr X

    #2 Shut up and take my money

  • MasterBlaster

    I need moar of #3 and #19… anyone know what states polygamy still exists in? I need to marry both of these women.


    I need a loan chivers!!! ASAP

  • BRAD

    #6 #13 no chance all these women are mailorder!!!

  • rikooprate


    • dre

      whoo is that??

      • rikooprate

        Some smokin' hot broad. <— Capt. Obvious

  • misschris

    #1 One and done I always say. I said that once.

  • Kodos



  • shoestring

    #13 #19 #23 #34

  • Jeff

    I'll take one of #6 and her twin sister if she has one.

  • kimoho

    I want #6 & #17

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