New mail order brides are ready to set sail (34 Photos)

  • bob

    #10. I will cuddle you so hard for at least 23.7 seconds

  • Mike

    #30 more! Please more!

  • millertime

    Can we get a audio blog of their accents?

  • John Robert

    #4 #5 #25 #30
    Can anyone truthfully claim that they wouldn't marry any/every of these beautiful women?
    I can't. I would marry any of these 4 right NOW.

  • Swarley

    #1 #6 #10 #25

  • Filbur

    I call bullshit! If these are mail order get me an application because there's plenty worth sampling in there!

  • john

    #2 or #26…which ever can ship first!

  • northerner

    Pretty faces, boobs, tushes, legs are great. But it's what's INSIDE that counts.

    Tend to think these gals are "managed" by some sort of "agency" that gets a significant "payback" if they get "purchased". SO totally susceptible to scams…scary, to both buyer and package…

  • .Krookz

    #15 sold!

  • LBF 4 ever


  • K-1

    #15: I'll take 2… How much for shipping? =P

  • @SoCalChiver

    #3 #4 #27 #28 #29 ill take one of each

  • Stefan

    For #19 Who do I make the check out to ???

  • bgef08

    #30 How much!?!? Very Nice!

  • Slyincalgary

    19 + 28 for me please!

  • bill

    very nice .but buy made in usa.

  • ogi


  • gteam2239

    Show us where to order.. wanna place an order for 10 and 15!!!

  • David
  • TheNiedrich

    19… I would do unforgivable things.

  • jayp

    roll the dice and send me one,c.o.d.

  • Sonny

    34 when do you arrive??

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