15 Things We Won’t Miss About 2012 (15 Photos)

  • Guest

    Fuck that! I love me some Gangnam Style! Posting this as my perosnal "fuck you"

  • Kcole

    Honey Boo Boo should be #1.

  • domo

    forgot KONY 2012

  • http://twitter.com/Trollfric @Trollfric

    Amen to all of these. But especially #14.

  • Bob

    You missed Nicki Minaj, that gross bitch should be number 1.

  • Swedishfish

    Don't forget about "somebody that I used to know"!!!!

  • Zeke

    #15 Are you kidding me?!?! That's what I most look forward to in 2021!

  • Matt

    agree with all of them!!

  • TommyB

    #15 KILL IT! KILL-IT-WITH-FIRE!!!!!!!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/aaronrampowell Aaron Powell

    Am I the only one pissed at people using the Aztec calendar instead of the actual Mayan calendar? #13

  • Shenanigans

    ADMINISTRATOR – Why is the word S-H-E-N-A-N-I-G-A-N-S blocked?
    I do not understand this. No part of that word represents anything bad – you even use it to describe THIS post.

    Please remove it from your instant deletion filter!!

    • Bob

      because we are assholes especially me

  • Horsing Around

    Bullshiv! The Horsemasks #6 are hilarious! Don't do away with them!

  • Chiveiscoolsike

    You promote over half of these things you dumb fucks! Things we are not gonna miss about 2012: keep calm and _____ pictures, chive t shirts, the douches that wear chive shirts, bill Murray, kcco and all of your un-funny un-interesting posts! Enjoy your decline fuckers!

    • shnooda

      someones gf just gave bill murray a wet handjob…hint hint ^^

  • AvsFanTRD

    I agree with this list

  • Tyler

    #6 What madness is this!

  • Chris

    Gangnam Style is awesome. Try to "cool-guy" it all you want, but deep down you are riding the pony.

  • Posthead

    Lester Devaria Mosley Jr

  • dongtastic

    #16 The *#&@king chive popup bar

  • A Jersian

    As far as the Jersey Shore goes. Yeah the show sucks, but the real Jersey shore was also just decimated by a horrible Hurricane…. I love the Chive, and know your Hearts are in the right place, but not the best pick.

    • shnooda

      relax guy…it has nothing to do with that at all…take a joke stop being a doucher

  • mikeraw

    #1 That's hypocritical… I first saw that video on this site

  • kevin Whitten

    #9 – Who?

  • cleojones

    ditto on all that shyt!! buffoonery

  • https://www.facebook.com/code.drankwaterstandingintheroad.bonkowsky Code Drankwaterstandingintheroad Bonk-medic

    Everytime i see that picture of ryan and his dumbass teeth flag crap it makes me want to punch a baby in the face and then I drink a beer and life is better.

  • louistulley

    #1 Never heard of it

  • Daith_Lee

    #15 this is a lot of hate towards a child who only got that way because of parents and media. How could she know more than what she was taught that age? She's a child, albeit obnoxious but the parents made her that way and they keep her that way because of the money they make off of her. She's being pimped by her own mom. I can't co-sign on hate for a little girl who's only crime is she couldn't pick her family. She was made that way people…

    • Axy

      Yep, hating on an innocent little girl who's just a victim of circumstance is yet another societal low.

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