Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • Abusement_Park

    #9. One too many bottles it appears.

  • Abusement_Park

    #30. Good on you, fellas!

    • Jason


  • Renob

    #3 she has padding if she bails

  • MattKL

    #16 When this baby gets up to 88 miles per hours, you're gonna see some serious shit.

  • Monica

    #30 woot woot!! SD Chivers two days in a row!
    Awesome deeds you guys!

  • Andy Valentine

    #30 – Amazing. Saved almost $170

  • fuck you fucker

    #30 Well Done

  • DaveonWheelock's

    #30 I love humble-bragging, too.

  • Melissa

    #1; CLARK W. GRISWALD!!!
    #15; Nailed it!!

  • EllaLily

    Love my job, since I've been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I'm making it online (Click on menu Home more information) http://goo.gl/jd479

  • ThePatriot

    #12 what am I not getting here?

    • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

      Gee, I dunno. Maybe the Johnnie-On-The-Spot blocking a cross walk in a traffic island in the middle of a busy intersection?

      • ThePatriot

        it appears there's a bus stop sign. i figured he was just loading passengers.

  • erikhart

    #3 THAT ASS!!!

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    They grow up so fas…BEWBS!

  • jeff

    #30 1300 or 600…same difference. Totally awesome either way 😀

    • Jason

      Two receipts…

  • Prometheus

    #10 made me literally shit

    • http://twitter.com/Exile714 @Exile714

      I'm hoping you're Chiving from the safety and comfort of a toilet stall or your personal bathroom. If not, please discontinue use and consult a physician: you may have a serious medical problem.

  • bizarrogreg

    #24 Even as a small child, McKayla Moroney was not impressed.

  • Sam

    #24 McKayla is not impressed…

  • judo_mike

    #16 want!!!!!

  • guest

    This is probably a government worker as I see them doing this ALL the time in my area. Highway department, or some sub-division of it. Tax dollars attempting to be justified.

  • Hal

    #29 Shingle test facility…

  • just sayin...

    #30 is AWESOME! But is anyone else bothered by the fact that the caption says $1300 worth of toys and the receipt only adds up to 811.00? And that's with the savings added in…

    • Look harder

      Notice that there are two receipts? Target and toys r us

      • just sayin...

        Well played! Thought it was the same receipt folded up to show the total. I retract my previous comment then.

  • Adam Warlock


    Mr. Rogers was an amazing man.

  • KCCO ;)

    #30 Honestly, this is so great to see! What is with all the negativity behind someone sending in a picture of a good deed? Quit shitting on the guy, and saying that he is "bragging" or "looking for approval". I'm pretty sure if he was that selfish, he wouldn't have gone out and spent that much of his own money to help others. Some of you definitely don't deserve to be Chivers!! Sure don't hear many of you bitching about some of the girls who post on here with their new boobs they paid for, begging for attention, and fishing for compliments..

    KCCO, Buddy! You did a truly amazing thing for some very lucky kids! Too bad more people weren't as generous and kind as you 🙂 Have a great Christmas!!

  • GeekGuy12

    #30 It's great that you're helping kids, but why do you feel the need to tell the world about it? That's not the point of doing a good deed. And, Chive editors, why do you encourage this sort of self-aggrandizing?

    • KCCO ;)

      What is wrong with showing that there are still some decent human beings out there? If you wanna see negative, boring shit, watch the news.

      • GeekGuy12

        Look at me! I'm an amazing person!

        Really though, if someone else brings it up and tells others about it, that's great. Tooting your own horn is not right, though.

    • Hating much?...

      It is not tooting your own horn or bragging when the point of the message is to hopefully inspire others to help with whatever they can. Do good for your community and be a positive influence for all. Did you step up and help others?

  • Penal_Colony

    #26 This was funny no matter what, but the hashtags had me blowing coffee through my nose.

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