Newly Single Chivettes (39 Photos)

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  • the1Choosen

    #3 Thanks to her ex. #34 I was there too, should of wore my kcco shirt.

  • Crush

    #19….call me 😉

  • Clint Smith

    they are all beautiful.

  • Zap

    all the guys that broke it off with these ladies are FUCKING IDIOTS!!! youre all extremely sexy and deserve so much better

  • bonezoz

    Newly single male Chiver here, looking for newly single SYDNEY Chivette. Are there any out there???

  • Anthony

    Where's all the Michigan chivettes???

  • curious

    Does this ever pan out in a newly single chivette meeting a single chiver?

  • Truth Hurts

    I like how you turkeys "pick up" on the photos lol


  • ughh

    #3, i will go to that goddam show with any time, ur ex boyfriend is a retard

  • Irish-Man

    #6, #12, #15, #33, #36 are all spectacular. Come to Edmonton anytime.

  • 14rmjr

    just wanted to say Hi to All the Single Ladies 🙂

  • dp91167

    1, 3, 14, 33, 35…..I wonder why you are now single…?

  • dittle bug

    #7 CALL MEEEE! Oh my goodness you are THE hottest chive has ever seen…. MOAR>>>>

  • illkaze

    #15 you're nothing less than beautiful! who would be stupid enough to lose you?

  • bgef08

    #38 my goodness, thank you for bringing your talents to us who truly appreciate them. Call me

  • Cory_Mac

    #3 and #36 are gorgeous!

  • DJames33

    #1 / #27.. Just gorgeous.. wow.

  • CMurda

    #13 is 13???

  • Alex

    Wow! You all are gorgeous

  • kizerd562

    all the chivettes are beautiful

  • Bilbo

    #11 #39 I want you!

  • bill

    omg # 8 she is so hot.yummy.need more of this beauty.

  • AmericoPolk

    #3 this girl I love

  • coopaloop

    This newly single chiver likes the look of #16!!!

  • LBF 4 ever
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