Please help, “Bring home U.S. Marine Jon Hammer” (story)

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Yes Chive, I know this is a Brigade topic…but it will cost you nothing but a few minutes of your time. If it's not for you, no prob. just don't click on it. However, if you could take a minute and help, it would be a great thing. Thank you.

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  • brandon

    Ok I might. Be first but what's the story? My mobile site isn't showing it

    • Jazmine

      Go on thebrigade site. It'll explain the whole story there.

  • Chiver

    Chive needs to get their mobile shit figured out.

  • Chivette

    Wrong, you gave to click on the bar that says Brigade. It's the BRIGADE SITE

  • Chivit

    Why not just post everything on the chive?

  • Swarley

    The brigade link goes to a nasa photo set? Crap link plus if army got him there they're obliged to get him back

    • LcplJack

      He's not in the military anymore. The government should take responsibility. You must not know much about the branches of the military. Check out Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer's story if you think the Army would be obliged to scratch their asses to rescue they're own. Marines don't leave Marines behind, your Army of one is known for leaving "soldiers" and their high tech shit behind.

    • YAT-YAS1833

      He's a MARINE not a soldier huge difference
      Stop calling us soldier we are MARINES
      A title paid for in blood sweat and the tears of terrorist so if you're going to call someone out get your facts stair first

  • Ryan

    All you have to do is sign a petition to bring this American hero home, it takes 5 minutes and there are only 2800 more signatures needed.

  • mrroh


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