21 Undisputed facts of Christmas

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  • Vicster915

    #2 No it doesn't, it translates to to more christ and in spanish christ is not a word or even a name. :p

  • Nic

    I stopped after 13

  • Nuckenfutz

    WHAT THE FUCK????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • fadsfasdfas

    this was the dumbest chive post that I can remember. You failed Mac

  • evad

    fact : this post is not funny. not even the pictures

  • chris

    Worst post of all time. None were funny, and the 98 degrees christmas album is not even in the top 30 best sellers. Fags. Who throws a boy band in there and then fucks up? Fags or Jews. Both?

  • kellykathy273

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  • Tim

    All of those are true. Except for number two. That would be 'more christ' as

  • batdoc

    Bravo, Chive. Bravo.

  • spunkybritches

    Why aren't you embarrassed at how not funny this is?

  • BananaBread

    this was stupid.

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