An Asian teen fashion trend that boggles my mind (22 Photos)

Via Odditycentral

  • dadut1104

    WTF alay !? For the sake of the human race and the honor of Indonesia , please don't procreate.

  • Stephen

    $1200 for braces in Asia. What a deal! I think I paid $1400 for my daughter's.

  • Alex

    It's like Grillz all over again but for wannabe 11 year olds, I hope this stays in Asia….

  • GuntherSquirrel

    And what is their explanation when they have had "braces" on for like5 years or such and their teeth arent any straighter?

  • abc

    won't suprise me if tomorrow newsheadlines say they've been using heavy metals making these 'cheap' knockoffs, effectively poisoning an entire generation of youth..

    • DemonIAm

      Only poisoning the stupidest groups of their youth. It's like that Darwin guy said..

  • Busternut

    Doesn't work when Asians, who aren't renowned for their dental hygiene, start posting photos of their rotting teeth with a set of Hello Kitty braces wrapped around them. I've been to Thailand and some of the people there have teeth like a broken set of dominoes.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #18 – doesn't surprise me.

  • Zanne

    Really puts what many of us take for granted, and even groan about, in perspective.

  • Visitohr

    I read on a Cinese blog how they were amazed by the American trend to wear your jeans around your ankles.

  • tv_paul

    Just bedazzle your teeth, it's cheaper.

  • manilovefilmsdylan

    Just wait until fashion headgear takes off. ERRRRMAAAGERRHHHDD.

  • injekter

    $1200 would be a bargain,,,,braces are $2500 to $3000 , thats after your insurance has chipped in….Bob

  • Hummus

    How about no.

  • Ryan

    what's so different between this and kids wearing grills?

    • seymour butt

      no difference…also really stupid

  • duckfart4U

    *Not available in the United Kingdom and sections of the American Appalachian Mt.'s………

  • Livin' Legend

    And in three years, the new status symbol of wealth will be not having fucked up teeth.

  • shadowwight

    Wanting braces when you dont need themhas been around for a long time. We just didn't have the means to fake it. It was kind of amusing that the only people who wanted them were the folks who *couldn't* get them. I've even known girls who suck theur thumbs in hopes that it will push their teeth out enough to require braces.

    So this is odd, yes…but not even approaching new….

  • chron247

    #12 Does it come with free birth control pills? WTF?

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  • mimi

    Yay! Let's all pretend we have teeth problems!
    Next we can wear a back brace because I'm assuming those are also expensive

  • rae

    dude i had braces as an adult… fuck they hurt, yeah my teeth are great now. but my daughter being a little monster thinks that they are cool and wants them even tho she saw how much pain i was in every damn day.

  • Sappy


  • jclouse

    no stranger… 3 years ago we were wearing fucking grills

  • Adam

    There should totally be a "Hot Girls With Braces" post

  • nick

    The biggest selling item in drug stores over there is skin whitening products. They want to be white. You will never see them sun-bathing. I've heard this from numerous Asian women…I really don't care, I just need a sandwich made and I'm happy…

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