Boy, that escalated quickly (42 Photos)

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #38 Best bully beatdown ever!

    • lat297

      What movie is this? I watch something I think was called 'Sticks and Stones' when I was a nipper and this reminds me of it… been trying to find it for a while now!

      • NIronwolf

        A Christmas Story

        • lat297

          You're a star, thanks 🙂 (better than the guy who gave me a thumbs down for asking a question…)

          • MonkeyMadness

            Yep, people hate question askers here for some reason.

            • tralfaz

              Yeah, why is that?

              • DaddyD

                Wish I could give you two thumbs up

                • wantomas

                  If anyone has never seen this movie, TBS plays it for 24 straight hours on Christmas Eve/Christmas. Its a classic.

                  • Courtesy Flush

                    What's TBS?

              • MonkeyMadness

                Dammit tralfaz! Now I gotta thumb you down!

              • sfb101

                Good question. Happens most every time I ask one. I thumb you up as well!

    • fromtheholler

      Best part of the whole movie!

      • sfb101

        I don't know, something about the soft glow of electric sex….

        • fromtheholler

          One of the best parts of the whole movie 🙂

    • @lackofabetter

      Scott Farkus is a dick

    • geez


  • SuperiorTo8

    #9 Australian spiders. They are evolving!

    • Reckless

      Or God hates us, depending on which side of the fence you stand on with evolution

      • Graham

        Oh please, the only fence involved with evolution is whether you are in fact retarded, or not.

        • fencer

          Thats odd…why do they STILL call it the THEORY of evolution then????
          Because it hasnt been proven any more than creationism…thats why.

  • rob

    #9 Dear god i hope that isn't real

    • Anonymous

      #10 would seem like a shrug compared to my reaction to that thing, if it were real.

  • Wet_tosti

    #35 Santa go home, you'r drunk…

    • Mike Hunt

      He was just showing his "Christmas cheer" to some unsuspecting children.

  • jesus likes kites

    #40….could be funny but too soon..

    • MonkeyMadness

      Too soon for what? The snowpacalypse?

    • Mads

      Calvin and Hobbes FTW

    • C.

      You sir are a fucking depressing son Of a bitch!!!

      • jesus likes kites

        have you read my book?

    • Pokes

      To soon for what? The zombie apocalypse doesn't start until tomorrow, duh.

    • G_Regular

      this IS the funniest pic on here and you sir can go fuck your fucking motherfucking face fuckhead fuck!

    • HUH?

      i know that not everyone is supposed to like every picture. but this (to me) is way over the line. some day when you guys (and gals) have kids of your own, you wont find this at all amusing. a picture of a blood bath right now? f*ck you bob.

      • Izz

        Agree way to soon. Surprised chive would put this up out of all photos that could of been posted.

      • Blarrg

        Why dont you go clean the sand out of your Politically correct vagina, this picture was on the website last week

      • ImpressMe

        You do realize its a snowman Walking dead….zombies.. for crying out loud people it has nothing to do with what happened. Ease off…..

        • jesus likes kites

          yes, i get it.. i love zombies, and i also have quite the twisted sense of humor, although i found this to be rather appalling at this point in time. Maybe as HUH? said, i do have 2 young children and found that event to be rather devastating and see this as a reflection of that, i tend to be capable of thinking outside the box rather then most.


          P.S. i want a kite for my birthday.

          • tasosrs2000

            So don't show them the pictures.

  • Masternate

    2-D! Holy shit that is awesome.

    • Wha?

      I know. Congrats to Anne H for taking some pics without makeup!

    • DickFister

      Next time she'll listen when someone tells her he's going to fuck her eyes out.

    • yourmom

      I was hoping someone else would realize this was 2D

    • Anomanom

      Hell of a makeup job.

    • Si1entStatic

      or is it noodles?? since she is not dead.

    • gnocco

      new Gorillaz member?

    • Michele

      That is definitely 2D. Empty eye sockets, bushy brows, and missing front teeth! Freaking amazing!

  • Tiber_Septim

    #38 best movie ever!

    • MOAR

      Sorry but I have to disagree.

  • üäö

    buterrella strikes again

    • MonkeyMadness

      Butterflies can be real assholes by picking on the fat kids on the playground.

  • t.dove

    Yikes! Probably should remove #40

    • Eddy

      Yeah, the snowmen zombies are coming…

      • Si1entStatic

        meh, nothing a flamethrower or hair dryer can't solve….

    • Growapair

      Removed? Did I miss the story about a snowman zombie eating people?

    • Lunch_Box


  • tpridd

    #27 Classic!

  • lat297

    #41 Ironic that the one whose face is completely covered by a ski-mask is the only one on there that's hot…

    • MonkeyMadness

      Hockey mask

      • lat297

        lol, that's exactly what I meant. Must have skiing on the brain at the moment! 😉

    • Lboogie13

      Ha! I was thinking the same. You know she's hot under that hockey mask.

    • lease

      By hot you mean skinny.

  • grebis

    Hey Link, hey listen, hey Link…

    • grebis

      this one

      • lat297

        I got that. Nice.

  • @Lint6


    I've seen that movie…think it was Psycho Gothic Lolita. Awesome Japanese gore flick

    • kaaaBLAAAM!

      i was thinking it was robo geisha

  • Trav1121

    #4 Only classy people use the 'C' word on their FB home page…
    #29 kinda makes me sad. Poor lil kitty just wanted to look fancy…

    • G_Had

      So does the guy with the stupid glasses in #28 but I'd gladly bitchslap those off his face.

    • Pokes

      Case in point: cats are assholes.

  • timtim

    what is #7 a ghost?

    • tralfaz


    • Ryan


    • Yuppp

      Salad Fingers.

    • Deadpool


    • Tzatlacael

      Nah It's just an alien taking a shit in the woods…. lol

  • onekelevra

    All I remember is the Godfather movie

    obviously the cat did it…

  • MonkeyMadness

    #18 No wonder everyone wanted to motorboat her!

    • Si1entStatic

      "My milkshakes bring all the boys to he yard" was playing in the background….

  • Loki

    Cat outside at the back door on #33 " you guys are in so much trouble when my slaves get home, I might just sit here and watch"

    • Loki

      #32 excuse my fat fingers.

  • Ryan

    #1. is this the backstage room of the muary t.v. show where the guys wait to find out who the daddy is?

  • Mick Taylor

    #23 and a dick the size of an acorn.

  • Krupa_Troopa

    #9 You really should put a warning before pics like this. Not that I'm afraid of spiders or anything.

    • woods

      I completely agree. And I am very afraid of spiders. I saw a huge spider in my basement bathroom. I didn't go in there for two months till my cousin killed it.

  • Mischa

    #40 don't remove it. They're zombies, not shot school children.

  • dieseldoc25

    #35, looks like santa forgot to pay his taxes again! Damn jolly old top 2%er

  • scarecrowe

    #7 is nobody else worried about the fucking alien ghost back there?

    • lat297

      I'm just concerned about how much time Photoshop users seem to have these days… do none of them have jobs?

  • Drwar41

    I was just about to comfortably go to sleep, then #9 and #10 happened

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