Bras were made to be burned (55 Photos)

  • Joe


    • loves sammiches

      allow me to interrupt this stupid comment by saying #3 and #33…WOW!!!

      • Boy Howdy

        The Chivettes are the hottest chicks in the world, especially #42 & #45…How badly I want them!!!!

        • coop

          I can never decide. Ill take one of each, please.

          • Trevor Muxlow

            #44 you're gorgeous 😉 lets see more! 😮

        • Bryan

          ..and then you see something like #12 and think "Put your clothes back on !"

    • Dr. Evil


  • Yayo


    • Boy Howdy

      No, you idiot! These awesome Chivettes are first!! Go shit in your hat, moron…


    #25 #42 hello

    • bdg

      #42 Those look heavy let me help you hold them!!!!!
      #3 #6 #11 #15 #17 #25 #51 #52 and #53 MORE!!!!!!!!!!!
      #26 I really am beginning to love you!!!!!
      I like girls because boobs!!!!

      • bdg

        #26 I really am beginning to fall in love with your perky attributes and contagious smile!!!!

  • connie


    "look at the funbags on that hose hound!"

    • Notknowing

      That's the right amount of squishy.

    • geo

      This post is not complete until someone posts that quote.

    • guest

      small hands. you know what that means. Who is this please?

      • White Devil

        she has a small dick?

    • nope

      wow wow wow

    • kewb

      sean archer

    • Guest

      Her name seems to be Maria/Masha photographed by Sean Archer/ArcherMZ Photo. I haven't found a last name, but a couple of other pictures.… and

      • TG7

        You've earnt yourself a beer…

  • Verbal_Kint

    #42 Yeah, just like that. Good. Now don't move… Hold 'em right there…

  • @ofwiv

    #2 love Tori Black
    #34 …quit hiding!

    • bart

      Tori Black…me thinks not.

      More studying is required!

      • billfuckingmurrary

        Tori Blacks star is on her right side…

        • CrossCamel


    • zack

      Tori's is on the other side. Same tattoo though!

      • Joe

        It is on the right side. The picture is taken in the mirror

    • @ofwiv
  • Wil service

    #6 I am singing to u"your body is a wonderland….you're body is a wonderland…let me use my hands". 🙂

    • Truth Teller

      How you can go from your to you're while repeating the same sentence is beyond me!

    • YoImBored

      I agree with the sentiment despite the sloppy spelling

  • SVSumm

    Will yall marry me?

  • IrishInNJ

    #26 She gets me every time. As pure as the driven snow that girl!

    • fucked

      and apparently has a house with only a bathroom

      • hootie

        (sing along w/ me) 4 restraining orders, 3 calls an hour, 2 fake tits and a look in her eye that says shes nuuuuuuuuuutz!

    • Osgood

      I hope she keeps sending them and Chive keeps posting them. Need a submission for hump day!!

    • Acidvolta

      I love it, but I need some flavor in my life! Let's see the other side. ^.^ Or some arch in the back in her bed. Mmmm… Work it for the camera, it loves you.

    • savagecabbage

      she ain't got no alibi…. COME ON

    • Steve

      She's starting to annoy me. Smile screams "I'm a looney"

    • N8orius

      Needs a new shower curtain, or at least a new facial expression.

    • McBeastie666

      So you've never found an Asian woman attractive and now "purity" is an important quality to you….starting to put the picture together now.

      • IrishInNJ

        Not quite sure what your point is but it SHOULD be that I don't find Asians attractive and I find the girl in this post attractive.

        • McBeastie666

          aaaaaand you're a bit slow on the uptake.

    • goodnuf

      I want to know who she's blowing to keep getting posted.

      • Rev

        I guess I should stop letting it surprise me…but I still cna't get over people posting comments like that, and still considering themselves a chiver…cuz yeah, that's what this community is about…

    • CoolGuy

      Someone give me a link to all her other pictures! Please.

      • I'm creeped out

        She's creeping me the fuck out.

      • NO ONE

        No need for a link…they are all EXACTLY the same!

    • DanTheMan

      I think its time she turns around and shows that ass off!

      • Steel Jaguar

        She did show it off in the last hump day… look for her.

      • absure2

        she has and it is nice

    • god

      Hey, #26.

      Why don't you stop being a one-trick-pony. Ass shots or ride off into the sunset, please.


      • please just once

        She did in humpday yesterday!

      • Morganfreman

        Why are you so demanding, you should be honored to have the privilege to slightly see this girls gorgeous body!

    • Nec

      Would love to see her in a nice evening and/or cocktail dress. She always looks gorgeous

    • Mike

      I love that girl.Find her

  • Jeff

    #8 may Santa bring you an extra Christmas present for being naughty and burning your bra!

    • nate33uc

      sofa king sexy…best xmas gift a man could ask for

    • busterz

      winner winner chicken…….

    • SOhioChiver

      #8 MOAR please we must see your smile (and your hump gap or anything else you care to share.
      Smokin' Hot!

  • Yuppp

    #26 get she switched it up a little again. I'm lovin the progress..

    • CoolGuy

      What the hell did you just say?

    • savagecabbage

      He said she's not hot

  • wantomas

    #53 Evolution at its finest

    • maythe1stbewithyou

      #53 gets my vote for being PERFECT! MOAR please.

    • Tyler Rauch

      as long as her face is cute tho lol

  • Blk_944

    #40 your my Hero

    • G P

      What's a "my hero", and how did she get one?

    • Stinky Dog

      Meh, looks like they put her nipples way too high when she got her implants. Or put in implants that were too big or too low.

    • theBoognish


  • Jeff

    Good lord #45 you're absolutely stunning. Can you move that scarf? Please?

    • Where's Dildo

      #15 as well. The question is: will they show us their favorite toys?

  • slap&tickle

    # 8, 10, 42 Just in time for christmas

    • justsoyaknow

      #8 #10 #42.
      You're welcome.

  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    #23 #42 #55
    I mean, sometimes bras spontaneously combust, and that's something's that we shouldn't have to investigate, but just accept it, accept the shit out of it

    • ijustthrewupalittle

      23 is gross. she needs to resolve those "daddy issues"

  • Ethan Fontenot

    26 and 53 MOAR! Simply Amazing!

  • GuntherSquirrel

    Nice work as always ladies! Certainly #26

  • Ethan Fontenot


  • jamie

    #5 #7 #25 Mother of God !! God damn it CHIVE ! Enough with this girl. Her 15 min were over 2 weeks ago.

    • Bluefin39

      I love everyone of those pictures. Feel free to post them as many times as you feel necessary.

    • Cee

      I disagree. I can't get enough of her. Chive more PLEASE!

    • Guest

      Well, gosh, Jamie, I guess you're still gay…'s a shame, really, because she's gorgeous.

    • Boobs #7

      These are not the same girl.

    • Boobs #7

      The pictures aren't of the same girl 🙂

  • amplexus

    #26 getting closer

  • manicmachine


    • Tyler Rauch

      Right!! come check out my mirror next time

    • CAM

      I'll second that remark…

    • Sandro


    • HFB,A

      I was thinking holy fucking shit! But mother of God works too…

  • LoyalLAChiver

    #54 and #55 closing it out hard

    • nate33uc

      I closed it out hard too…thanks girls and merry christmas

    • SOhioChiver

      My thoughts exactly but I think we should go ahead and back that up to include the last four
      #52 nice smile #53 WOW #54 Cute #55 model quality especially the body and those panties in #53
      You know what rhymes with last four? MOAR!

  • Jeff

    #42, those….eyes!

    • mks

      she has eyes?

    • baddbuzz

      Those pillows . . .

    • Murman

      Her fingers are freakishly short…either that or her big breasts make them look short…

  • jamie


    • 5.0


      I love you guys. Merry Christmas

      • 5.0

        #26, #47, #52, #55

        I love you guys. And have merry Christmas

        • justsoyaknow

          Guys? All of them? I'm going to bury my head in a burning pile of truck tires, now.

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