Bras were made to be burned (55 Photos)

  • Justen

    #27 Did anyone else notice a female Ray Liotta

  • Barry

    #32 where are all these michigan chivette's coming from?!?! i need a t shirt so i can start meeting them!

  • james

    #26 will you marry me?

  • Derek Hernandez

    Looking at the comments, and holy shit; nobody has recognized #3 as absolutely fucking beautiful! Well i'm doing it, and I love her!!!

  • Keith Mitchell

    #33 #39 Will take all the moar I can get!

  • Chuck

    #15 my goodness! Does the ribbon count as burning it? It doesn't matter, thank you.

  • hot chivette

    #26 your face will always be hideous

  • Jeff

    #26. Amazing. Keep them coming gorgeous. Love that smile and well everything else


    I dont care what the others say…….I LIKE YOU!!!

  • Wuwei


  • Canucks_Rule

    #2 #52 #55 – very nice.

  • Justin

    All of them look great to me. But #3 looks like a teacher I had a few years ago.

  • Cee

    Good Gawd! They're gorgeous! #6 and #25 made me stop!

  • Alberta Chiver

    just way too many beautiful pics here to comment on them all…all gorgeous ladies…keep em coming!

  • BillBrasky78

    #46 YES PLEASE!

  • joey

    #26 you are amazing! Thanks for making my Xmas a little moar merry!

  • CLD29

    Thank you to all of you that burned your bras, very nice day. For those with the hand bras, that's nice too but we want it burned. Oh and #47 get at you boy. I'm a STL Chiver!

  • M jasmine

    Glad to see I've made the cut again. It takes sooooo long to get my pics up.

  • Jason

    #26 is amazing! I'm speechless

  • M3DBlue98


    You represent the 206 very well! Moar please…

  • Jason D Werschkul

    #53 mohr mohr mohr

    • Jason D Werschkul

      Couldn't even spell right…Jesus!!!!

  • Richard

    Being a professional photographer I would like to shoot #16 42 & 45. Richard

  • TommyB

    #42 Even if she had a penis she'd still be gorgeous!

    • Fapfapfun

      I doubt she has one, but I'm willing to let her borrow mine!

  • tora

    #8 Can we start a burn your panties it's Friday campaign?

  • Wanderer

    MOAR MOAR MOAR and the gorgeous name that goes with those heavenly eyes

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