• Nacho

    For those who don't know spanish, in the end of the video she is asked to make a wish and release the baloon. She says "I don't know, I don't know!" but then finally decides "Let's all be happy"… amazing.

    • Damien

      Absolutely beautiful.

    • http://twitter.com/TheWaxster @TheWaxster

      …. damn dust in my eyes Stupid hayfever.

    • mt138

      yea that's the part that got me while cutting onions…. but i understood it as wishing everyone happiness.

  • CJB

    i really wish i spoke Spanish.

    maybe…just maybe, humanity has a chance.

    • lalex

      Is not that hard, Es bien Facil !!!

      Watch novelas in TElemundo or Univision is enough to learn something at the beginning 🙂

  • Jerome

    This is the most beautiful thing you guys ever posted.

  • Jon

    Just proves there are still good wholesome people in the world.

  • shadowwight

    Somebody's mother definitely raised her son right!

  • http://juanpg.com juanpg

    Yes! So glad this made it here. Here's the original video:

  • FlackintheBox

    That man is a hero. What an great example of how to be a human being.

  • http://twitter.com/orosalers @orosalers

    Colombia si que tiene caballeros y buenas personas. Que hermoso vídeo. Mi fe en la humanidad ha sido restaurada. Dios los bendiga.

    Colombia does have gentelman and good fellows out there. What a lovely video. Faith in humanity has been restored. God bless all.

    • charliepapa2

      Totalmente de acuerdo, y no solo caballeros. Las personas que se unieron a cantarle muestran la calidez y el corazon que tienen los colombianos!

  • Tom

    I the end he tells her to send up a wish "whatever your heart desires" with the balloon. Incredible.

    • Gonz

      And she says, " I really don't know what wish for…. I wish us all great happiness." Releases balloon.

  • M the Mighty

    Damned onion cutting ninjas.

  • mrf

    brilliant. and, i needed a good cry, too…

  • Eddie Wan Kenobi

    Good god…there is hope.

  • needscoolscreenname
  • jefdev

    if EVER the world ends on 12-21-12, please let all people similar to Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne perish and let those people like the video above be left and make the world a better place..

    I know its a long shot but why not.. let the natural selection take place, but please if ever there's choice let Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne go down first.


    • smallchinaman

      Really? If you could choose you would pick annoying yet docile people to go first?

      • 617Chiver

        You win, sir, you win.

  • Hermoso

    The man tells her at the end of the video to make a wish and let the balloon go. She says "But I don't know what to wish for!" He says "Anything you want." As she releases the balloon, she exclaims "Let everyone be happy!"

    Faith in humanity restored.

    • Lloyd


  • Erik

    Que viva Colombia, la tierra querida de mi amor.
    Hurray for Colombia, the beloved country of my love.

    • MylesofStyles

      Viva la vagina, el amado hogar de mi pene.
      Hurray for vagina, the beloved home of my penis.

  • Darío - Buenos Aires

    Sin palabras. Alguien a quien le falta todo, cuando tuvo la oportunidad, pidió algo para todos los demás… Cuanto enseñan estas cosas, sobre lo que realmente importa. Gracias al autor del video también, por recordarnos con que con un poco de amor desinteresado, se puede hacer inmensamente feliz a alguien. Gracias.

  • Petar

    There is nothing sadder than old homeless people 😦 Poor lady.. hope she's doing better after her birthday.. and the dog as well!
    Now I can't simply go back to scrolling through the redhead gallery.. this video will be in my head throughout the holidays.

  • JediKnight690

    Sniff…. damn allergies…
    Some faith in humanity restored!

  • Camilo

    thank you guys, here in Colombia the video restore hope for most of us!!!

  • spike

    Hope lights the darkest places.

    Or as it was better said, "And so shines a good deed in a weary world."

    Thanks Chive.

  • TheRealLomo

    Kindness is a universal language.

  • 0_0

    This is awesome you've brightened up my day chive.

  • VaderWRX

    Faith in humanity has been restored for today.


    Its a little dusty in here

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