• FoolOfATook

    Everyone has the ability to make a difference. You may not be able to spend money to help people, but you can offer a smile to anyone. The next time you bump into someone or get cut off in a parking lot or anything else like that, just smile and say "sorry" even if it's not your fault. Too many times we are in a bad mood and as soon as someone does the smallest thing we take it out on them, which puts them in a bad mood too. Try to spread happiness a little at a time everywhere you go, the world will be a better place.

  • Canucks_Rule

    very nice.

  • lalex


  • Cari

    What a great video! Totally crying right now. 🙂 There are good people in the world and we need more of em!

  • Ravel

    Cool video! But…how does he know her? And her birthday? Is he somehow related? If so, why is she still living on the street? Is it a decision? Or was it just not possible to live with her?
    This should not diminish what he did, in no way. It's a very noble thing and truly heartwarming. But still, I would like to know about the backstory.

    • Capo

      Well this is a complete guess but he gave her a poster size picture of herself in the video so im guessing hes some type of photo-journalist of sort, and got to know her….

  • http://euroranger.wordpress.com/ Euroranger

    I don't want to diminish the act…but why go to the trouble of rigging a belt buckle video camera and then posting it on the web?

    One thing I teach my kids: "being a good person means doing the right thing even when nobody's there to see you do it".

    • bowser

      I agree, however, I speak spanish and never heard the guy's name or saw his face, instead I think the video really sent a message and it would be great to see more of this acts of kindness intended or not, instead of many other garbage videos we encounter everyday everywhere

    • arisingspirit

      On the simplest level, maybe he just wanted to make the video in order to memorialize the event. On another level, displaying acts like this one, publicly, touches peoples hearts and provides an example to inspire other people to act in kind.

  • Edgar

    The guy asked her to make a wish, she said she didn't know what to ask for. Imagine that? She could have wished for food, for shelter, for money and a million other things. So he told her to release the balloon and make her wish. She wished for everyones happiness.

  • Marco

    I´m colombian and from Bogota (the place where this take place) and I'm really proud of this fella and that his actions reached the chive. Gives faith in humanity.

    Little hint: At the final he asked to her to write a wish in the balloon and let it go, to become real, as she is overwhelmed, she can´t write so he talk to her that she just need it to said it and let it go. She wish that we all be happy. There is really good people.

  • jbotas

    Really great. Her reaction is heartwarming.
    But i really feel like a douche because the first thing that came to mind was that she looked like Gollum
    I need to see a head doctor…

  • Steve Grenier

    It's amazing how such a simple gesture can make someone's day. Although I imagine for her, it made her whole week.

  • chron247

    A truly beautiful video. Thank you for posting this. Good way to start the day.

  • aaa

    Beautiful video. Here I am sitting at work all teary eyed. Also, I'm glad to see she has a furry friend keeping her company. I know most homeless people make sure their companions are well fed before ever taking their own hunger into consideration.

  • Raheim

    An awesome gesture all though i would've bought a homeless person something other than a poster…

  • Cenner

    Speechless! =)

  • GTXMittens

    Thats so sweet of him 🙂

  • yotapdat

    Colombia has a lot of poverty. But we ALL look out for them. We give them food left overs, little things to help them get by. Soup. water. . . They give us their blessings in return.

  • BamBam's Bro

    It's my birthday tomorrow, and all I can think to do to celebrate is to make someone else's day a little more special.

    Thank you Chive. You continue to astound me.

  • http://flavors.me/TheBlackLeatherJackets José Luis Suárez

    beautiful thing to do… Kudos for the hero and greetings to the lovely woman, Keep calm and Help People.

  • Hypper

    Instead of doing that I'm watching cat videos.

  • lyly206

    Here's a link to the guys Flikr page and a photograph of the lady and her dog. http://www.flickr.com/photos/emilioapariciorodrgu

  • Irish-Man

    I have no idea who you are. But YOU SIR are FUCKING AWESOME!

  • K-1

    A very sweet thing to do, good on him!

  • Keltar

    Heres a telling of this video , writen by the man himself: http://www.kienyke.com/historias/feliz-cumpleanos
    You will need google translation for this

  • toni

    really really nice…you make a great job in this website…congratulations from Spain…beautiful video…happy chrismas for all of you…..

  • ire

    Just proof that this isn't the end. This guy probable saved us all. Buen travail.

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