Sh*t I want (20 Photos)

  • Tulsa Chiver

    #15 = your a pu$$y

  • sferrin

    You don't want #6. I've got one – and it's back in it's box sitting on a shelf. The firmware/sensor sucks ass so the cursor jumps all over the place or hesitates. The software sucks and frequently forgets the settings. Lastly if you use this thing for games (and why wouldn't you as it's a gaming mouse) your right pinky is going to be feeling the pain of the metal edge on the right side in no time. Don't fall for the sexy look – it's got AIDS.

  • Krissy

    I bought #15 for my mom. If you've ever experienced a bee or other bug flying into your beer… it truly saves your beer!!! It also keeps it in the same state as when you first opened it throughout your drinking experience. You don't have to like… put it in the fridge to save your beer for later. Who does that??

  • pooper

    #20 what a crappy view

  • dale_doback


    • Jarrod


  • Jarrod

    I like the generic, "knife." Also, why isn't there a pic of a girl on your list?

  • Melissa Van Vlack

    has #11, LOVES IT!!! (not the most ergonomic, but efficient none the less!)

  • LOS

    "Sh*t I want" to a whole new meaning…LMFAO

  • Obecny

    I actually have #17

  • @robnailer

    #19 you can get at CB2

  • youwannaknow

    I want #19. Not as good as a paper carton, but lasts longer.

  • Dastard Lee

    #15 If you can finish a beer you don't deserve to drink it in the first place

  • Eemes

    Dude, it's called You're welcome.

  • Killswitchlxv

    Gave #11 to my friend for his birthday along with some other cool stuff. He tenderized the bloody hell out of some meat

  • murph022

    where do i get #14?

  • Dan

    Our dogs actually have #16

  • big dave


    Except when you drunkenly fall out of it just tryin to take a piss

  • James

    #7 is a "Combo meal". So.. You can eat the outlet?

  • Amir

    #17 I have this

  • K-1

    #7: very useful
    #17: my brother has this!

  • cels0_o

    #8 more like inability

  • low

    This is a gerber and its a POS. Cheap stainless steel blade that doesnt hold an edge and its operation is anything but smooth.

  • el_Seemon

    Oh bravo, sir. That is quite the pinch. #20

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