Best photos of the week (75 Photos)

  • Dr. Evil

    Pfft, Idiots! Everyone knows that Captain Kirk said that!

  • Alfred

    # 47 please find her

  • cory

    #13 dude, WTF are you wearing?! Even if the end of the world had come, that shit is unacceptable…

  • TLTSOLdrummer

    #39 -Wow.

  • causticcorsair

    #43 Pinky is back?!?!?! Oh how I've missed that booty since you guys scared her away by linking to her tumblr.

  • chris

    Seriously Chive knock it off with the adverts that play sound, I like nothing less than having to scroll through a whole album to pause the one making the sound, especially as in this case IT WAS THE THIRD ADVERT I PAUSED.

    There is making money and then there is making money whilst simultaneously raping an unexpecting visitors eardrums, please pick the former.

  • Rick

    #15. Hohoho's indeed. Chive the F@&K ON!

  • Rick

    #41. Rock on young man, ROCK ON!

  • Rick

    #31 and #39 make Red my new favorite flavor.

  • Rick

    #43. Love me some Holiday booty cakes.

  • Rick

    #59. Butt cheek paradise.

  • Rick

    #73. Best. Butt. Bones. EVER.

  • Upup and away

    #73 if she any sexier she I would explode….nm…I did

  • nerd_booner

    #23 The nerd in me just got such a booner…

    • T.L.

      She has a better pic on temptingbliss.tumblr

  • SoCal Redneck

    #41 – That is the coolest post of the day! Love it!!!! Get well. Be strong! Chive On!


    :*:* Exclusive Obama funny pictures :*:*

  • Ryan Edwards

    #39 MOAR please

  • icommented

    #13 – He wears short shorts

  • Bee

    #73 Go on down to home depot and get some paint for that wall. Oh, and nice butt.

  • drizzle

    #39 I love you!

  • Dontai

    #73 Dat ass

  • smileychiver

    #23 Deathstar approaching black hole!

  • Rick

    #8, #27, #43, #59, #73. A smorgasbord of beautiful butts!

  • goldengekko1

    #73 #31 #47 just omg wow 😀

  • showtownman

    #73 Best damn bone job there is.

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