theCHIVE throws a Christmas party (43 Photos)

There's a place in Venice Beach where the eggnog flows like wine and clothing is optional. Over the past two years theCHIVE's annual Christmas party has become rather infamous. Rather than some industry-fueled snob fest, it's more of an anything-goes Christmas Bacchus. We pride ourselves greatly in our ability to trash our own offices.

We flew The Megan's and Country Girl out for the party. We had a blast, girls. I'd like to thank all the Chivettes and Chivers who showed up with their holiday game faces on. We'd also like to thank Woven Digital for co-sponsoring the insanity and especially Capital Cities for playing the event.

Meaghan J’s Twitter Machine.

Megan W’s Twitter Machine.

Country Girl’s Facebook Page.

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  • baethos

    #8 Offerman Wood Shop FTW!

  • Kyle429

    Chive, y u no invite / fly out Andrea / @Violaceousgirl? I realize this was probably during finals week, but still. You probably had it on the weekend anyway. What gives? Also, #24 may be the greatest party pic ever posted on here.

  • Tommy

    #5 should be featured in ever FLBP hottttt

    • Tommy


  • erikhart

    #24 YEP! #42 John, you're my hero!

  • D Hoffa

    Aint no party like my birthday party!!

  • socalmarti

    #28 the only picture I've ever seen of Mac where he looks nice and normal and handsome and not like some sort of weird sex pervert!

  • danny

    back dimples #7

  • Dave

    Meaghan = perfection.

  • TXChiver

    #40 please tell me somebody recorded this

  • txbncntr

    Ooohhh…. you poor bastards…. have to deal with that on a daily basis……i don't feel sorry for you. #5 Who is this beautiful creature?

  • pktwsu99


    Mother of God….

  • Dman

    #26 – I want the one in the green hat. Bad. Please post more of her.

  • eric

    #43 dude in the back's face.

  • @quest4748

    Ah, to be young, white, privledged and attractive…must be heaven on earth (particulalry with no ethnic people to break up the white as rice motif.

  • matt

    Throw in New Hampshire Emily and you have a Chivette Hall of Fame!

  • Frank

    You guys think John bangs all these girls?

    • truth


  • @TheGreenMalice

    Lots more of #5 please.

  • ChiveMaster

    And how does one get an invite to such a social gathering? Oh right…I don't have boobs.

  • David C

    What do I have to do to be able to go to this?!

  • bukwild

    With all those hipsters there that party must have started last week.

  • Charlie Babbitt

    The reason Venice is doomed!

  • Ern

    Meh. Try a video game company holiday party sons. Then you'll graduate.

  • Herrick

    It's a hard life, but someone has to do it…

  • hot chivette

    #5 is so fat and hideous and flabby and has disgusting teeth!!! fix your mouth fatty

    • Meaghan

      Hey now. I have really nice teeth.

    • papabear52052

      What an idiot! obviously the fat guy sitting in his underwear in his basement wishing he had ever touched a woman he didn't pay for

    • coryb_1985

      Are you kidding me?!?! She is beautiful!!! And also judging by her twitter an awesome girl! You have no taste in women….

    • jasper

      you' re a pathetic dick

  • just sayin

    Looks like the girls are more in to each other than you guys, sorry for your luck

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