Cat Saturday (26 Photos)

  • magentapyramid

    For a moment I thought I had finally lost the entire deck. Then I realized that the 1st time around is "Cat Saturday"; 2nd time is "Caturday".
    That's all.

  • Mjonezy

    #20 = simba

    • gymnarx

      evil Simba… be afraid, very afraid

  • samuel

    #26 yay fellow indy chiver! that cat is also epic

    • sandy astroglide

      Epic as in morbidly obese.

  • andy

    #1 Deeeerppp

  • Tom From Myspace

    I fu**in hate CAT SATURDAYS!!!!!!

    • ThunderSnow

      Then don't click on it, asshat.

  • will

    # 12 Dude, who makes a snowman face out of moose nuggets? …cute cat.

  • LeO

    This cat makes my Saturdays a lot better 🙂

  • tommytwotime

    #15 It's a dog Mac, a goddamn dog!!! Blasphemy!!! This is like the Pearl Harbor of Cat Saturday…

  • Hotsauce101


    Ever since I've known they exist, I've always wanted a Caracal.

    The size of a dog, but not so big they'll kill you if they get out of hand like one of the bigger cats.

  • OhioChiver

    #12 I just loooove my SnowMan. Puuurrrr

  • dr313

    #26 I think she is trying to kill the kitteh or atleast take about 5 years off of kitteh's life

    • magentapyramid

      Or 5 pounds – whichever comes first!

  • MattKL

    #13 "GOTCHA! OH CRAP!"

  • Jeremy Mason

    love cats! fuck dogs

    • sandy astroglide

      What you do with your weekends is none of our business.

  • Mews

    LOL double Cat Saturday 🙂

  • ChristonACracker


  • Ron

    My Saturday is now complete.

  • Hrdwood

    #25 I'm looking for a designated driver New Year's eve… are you available?

    • sandy astroglide

      Toonces got a fake ID?

  • Doug the Indian

    Go home Chive, you are drunk!

  • K-1

    #7: Gotta luv Tard
    #15: not a cat, but still cute!

  • Grumpy

    #7 I die

    I absolutely love that cat =(^.^)=

  • Jose_Ariel

    #9 Et tu, Brutus…

  • zTom


    Gotta admire the self-belief of the kitty.

    "Hell yeah, I CAN take him. Chaaarge!!! Shit. Run away!"

    There's a nice touch there right in between the end of the attack and the running away bit where there is a slight moment of eye contact between the dog and the kitten, triggering the fall back maneuver. :p

  • PussyWhistle

    Anyone who doesn't like Cat Saturday can keep calm and eat shit!

  • Will

    OMG Run and don't look back it's the crazy cat lady

  • kelly

    #26 mother of god! That isn't a cat, it's a small tiger!

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