Chivers take over Santa Con (39 Photos)


    #11 MOAR on the left!!!

  • Leroy Veritas

    Sadly the one of the right is the less offensive face in #25. Seriously woman, dafuq?

  • henry
    • Vinny

      best vid

  • @xomelco

    Wooohoooo I made it ! #11

  • Pretty_ink

    #14 I got called Vader Claus. I also had to explain to a girl what I was,what Star Wars was, and no it's not Star Trek. And this was Savannah SantaCon.

    • Ian

      Kcco savannah chivette! From a fellow savannah chiver!!

  • Thereal_jgee

    #26 the snow fairy that's me!!!!!

    • canadaguy

      Definitly a candidate for FLBP and we need moar!

  • Rick

    #38 epic picture is epic yolo!

  • Ian

    #14 sweet more savannah chivers!! Wish I knew about this I woulda been there! Looked good ms. storm trooper Claus!

  • Nick

    Find #7 more of ny's finest need to look like that

  • Nicholas

    #5 off the wagon FTW

  • anotherchiver

    Wish I could have been there

  • cynthiashirley785

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  • alex

    #30 on right MOAR!!

  • SkofeALofe

    CHIVE! y u no post my awesome santacon pic?!?

  • @kolby182

    #10#11 Women on the right please.

  • Hipster X-Mas

    Are any of you Christian? No, mostly Jewish. Do any of you believe in Jesus? No not at all and we hate the pope because he's against gay marriage.
    Then all of you can fuck off.

  • William Wallace

    #19 downtown West Palm Beach FL

  • mostom625

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  • Tom


    • Big_James

      #27 she looks like the geek girl married to Howard Wolowitz on Big Bang Theory.

  • Beckydontgiveasht

    The only time I would ever care about people posing in chive-wear is if I was looking to see if I was one of them. If not, who cares.

  • @SoCalChiver

    #23 scarlet johansson?

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  • K Dubz

    #18 I'd like to see a little more skin from this broad.

  • kellykathy273

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