• Ross

    .gifs work just fine on my Android. The app crashs every 30 seconds, but during that time, the gifs work…

  • Billy jean

    Now do something about the adds you sellouts! "we're so proud of our site, now buy crappy stuff."

  • x chiver cyalaterbye

    Too little too late…dont you just farm your photos from shock mansion anyways?

  • @bdcravens

    No Pro version anymore? I think The Chive should issue a refund to every single person who paid for it. Until then, I'd encourage everyone to download and 1-star the "new" free version. Also remember that they only get paid when you click on an ad, so the more photos you load without clicking on ads, the more it costs them.

  • Daywalker

    How much of a difference is their between the browser & the app?

  • Holden McGroin

    I recently upgraded my wall phone from rotary to push button. What's the target date for wall phone app?

  • drock28

    No. The miracle will be when you guys get the app to stop building it's own database on the iPhone eating up space every time you look at a pic forcing us to delete and reinstall it constantly.

  • Jay S.

    my videos on my chive app play with no sound does anyone else experience this?

  • Jeff

    The new app is great. Nice work, guys!

  • Jason Bell

    it would be awesome if your android app supported gifs too! also be nice if the pics in the droid app were higher resoloution!

  • Marshall

    You would think that you'd have updated the PRO version that we already freakin paid you for!!!!!
    I'll skip the gif & the ads with the new version.
    Thanks for NOTHING!

  • Boo advertisements

    Gif's may work on the app but the advertisements are much worse for poping up.

  • ScrewedbytheChive

    Nice hose-job for those of us that bought the Pro version. Fail.

  • mkabbed

    Android? No? Okay….

  • Patrolman

    hopefully next we will be able to comment with anything other than facebook

  • da goober

    ok its cool. i will wait out until the gifs work on android phones. 🙂 KCCO!!

  • queso fresca

    I LOVE BOOBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Josh Moore

    Pro version needs some love. We paid you guys you need to take care of us or at least give us a reason why you aren't.

  • pom

    We need the Pro App version to be updated as well!!!

  • Ben

    Windows phone too please!

  • Art

    Pro app update or get the fuck out… Second thought… I'm kicking myself off CHIVE. I'm outta here👊

    • Jared Boucher

      So I paid money for the pro app for nothing?? Gee thanks

  • Steve

    When for a free ad version? or a paid free ad version?

  • Chuck

    Now could you give me my Chive Pro app back that I paid for months ago but temporarily deleted yesterday because it wasn't working properly. App store only has the free app with F*****G ads.

  • AnItalianChiver

    As Android user I'll KCCO and sincerely I would pay for a final good-working app.

  • Austin

    If only you would get rid of the bloody annoying full screen ads. Shit is annoying as hell

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