There are Christmas Chivers Among Us (82 Photos)

All of theCHIVERS have returned home to Indiana for Christmas. I wanted to thank y'all for the Christmas cards and emails you've sent. I can't respond to every one but I've read them all. Thanks for the kind words, well wishes, and holiday boobs.

We'll return full-strength on January 2nd!

Merry Christmas!


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  • Joseph D

    #16 I want to find you and take you both out for a steak dinner… those red lips ( left) i want to bite…MOAAAAAAR

  • ohiochiver

    Merry Christmas wishes to theChive and all the Chivers around the world. B)

  • Billbo

    #28 Looks like she is giving birth feet first

  • Nick

    #18 I love you

  • luka_

    For the mother of god, girls, christmas morning couldnt be bettter! 🙂

    • Mob Barley

      I like the live one in my bedroom better. Enjoy the photo array, however. Hotties start to finish…

  • ZDR75

    #53 please

  • frenchiver

    merry Christmas to all these sublime chivette, thanks girls especially #41

    • Farmer Johnson

      With those legs, she ought to be hooked to a plow.

  • Jason

    #59 amazing MOAR great post

  • Guest

    White girls get naked every chance they get it's so funny

    • Boy Howdy

      Thank you for your Christmas troll. Now go shit in your had, derp.

      • Boy Howdy


  • pixelogre

    thank you chive and merry xmas! #14 #51 Epic

  • flori0s4breakfast

    #82 your tiny hump is amazing. Christmas chivettes- We Salute You.

    • Brian

      Perfect ass!

  • MAT

    Soooo much goodness here! Merry Christmas everyone, and Santa please, please, please #18!

  • ARCtexas

    All I want for Christmas is #18 and #19. Have they been found yet?

  • Random

    As i'm scrolling through, I'm asking myself where's the girl wearing only a bow… Thank you #39

  • Jamie

    #18 #43 Great Googly Moogly

  • dave

    I think I love you

  • dave

    thats # 27
    I still love you

  • mrkerrdontplay

    #41 must be a gusher. should prob double towel it.

  • Irish-Man

    #31, #32 Great Christmas spirit, yeah that's it.

  • Theiss

    LOVIN all the Canadian hotties !!!!! Keep it up Canada!!!!

  • Jon

    #78 Nobody mentioned her. What a spinner she must be.

    • Amber


  • PiotrXC

    Merry Christmas ladies… oh and #19 is beyond adorable.


    #18 can we get a FIND HER PLEASE. Can i get an amen?

  • Butt inspector

    Thank you Santa for bare butts

  • Kelly

    #56 MOAR !!!!!

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