There are Christmas Chivers Among Us (82 Photos)

All of theCHIVERS have returned home to Indiana for Christmas. I wanted to thank y'all for the Christmas cards and emails you've sent. I can't respond to every one but I've read them all. Thanks for the kind words, well wishes, and holiday boobs.

We'll return full-strength on January 2nd!

Merry Christmas!


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  • anon

    #81 #82 that hip … the chive, i think i am becoming a creeper oh no oh me oh my

  • Guam_Bomb


  • Ken

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE find more of #79!!!!!!!!!

  • matt


  • joseph hildebrand

    I think #14 went to high school with me….Cassie??

  • jay

    #59 is a good one!

  • BryLoc13

    MOAR! Any and all of them!

  • whatupdawg

    I think its time to stop posting pics of ugly girls and just stick with the hot ones. At least half the photos in this gallery are of ugly girls, such as 10, 13, 16, 17, and 22, to name a couple. I think we would all rather have a 25 photo gallery of the hottest girls rather than wade through some unattractive attention whores.

  • Dominick

    #72 please find her!!!

    • Shooter Mcgavin

      Fart in my mouth

  • Benjamin Tyson

    #49, #53, #64

    Thank you

    • Benjamin Tyson

      nothing against 64 but I meant #66…

  • CAB

    17 IS HOTTTT

    • joejoe

      @whatupdawg has NO idea what theyre talking about, shes a smoke show…MOOOARRRR FOR #17
      find her and this whole album.

  • Zaedrus

    #59 DAT.

  • Zaedrus

    #61 You are lovely!



  • DB3

    #46 everything about this picture is just right… everything.

  • Rekiem

    #27 Please let me find you In South Florida !!!!

  • Oliver

    #26, #51, #73, #75 Beautiful Women

  • Guest

    Where are you guys? Helloooo….we need our fix.

  • TheGerman

    #4 sexy little imp with hot legs – moar !

  • handslikeamongoose

    If I get only one thing for Christmas, let it be #18. If I get two things, however, give me #59 as well

  • Jonathan Priem

    #6 must be found! Those quads and dat ass!

  • deepsquatz

    #6 must be found! Those quads and dat ass! She works out! Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all!

  • goldengekko1

    #13 i see what you did there 😀

  • Brandon

    #18 , #34. Moar and find them

  • CLTJHawk

    #1 must be found!

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