Merry Christmas Everybody!! (123 Photos)

For those who care to have a nostalgic soundtrack playing while viewing the Christmas gallery, enjoy THE SNOWMAN – I’M WALKING IN THE AIR. This was always haunting and beautiful to me.

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  • Ray Jackson

    #58 and #116 ftw

  • Encrazed

    Hey Nordsøen Oceanarium 😀
    The lump fish is huge!
    Kcco and a Murray Christmas to all 🙂

  • disgruntalledMALE

    of course the women don't give a shit if he is ok or not. as long as mama gets her present! way to teach your daughter how to be a freakin lady!

    • Underbaker

      Because they have not responded in the half second before the gif repeats? How come no one is ever Gruntled? This could be a whelming conversation.

  • Bob

    Fucking Christmas,I can't wait till the bastard thing is over with.

  • K-1

    #7: Hello, this is wreath?
    #13: I won't tell if you don't… =P

  • Stephen

    #99 hopefully I find her under me tree when I wake up

  • crazydog

    #108 bad ass

  • AcSlayer

    #58 is truly amazing

  • Kevrhutch

    I'd like to plug into that!

  • navydudeguy

    #99 MOAR PLEASE! I want her for xmas

  • 1_eye

    #13 is perfect

  • ROD

    Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year to everybody…CHIVE ROCKS!!!!!

    • Snow Dump

      Kind of clashes with the whole military thing, doesn't it?

  • P-Dizzle

    #54 is in Chicago! right by my grandparents old house

  • firefighter 21

    #25 mmmmm Oh yes MOAR please. Soooo hot

  • Tiber_Septim

    #11 Kids is what it is truly all about Merry Christmas all, to those who serve God Bless you, to those stressed out KCCO!

    • Pound Snow

      God bless those who kill with the government's permission.

  • @TheGreenMalice

    #13 is lovely, I would love to see MOAR.

  • ImpressMe

    #65 Merry Christmas to all the Chivers and Chivettes…… and of course to everyone at the Chive offices who make this place happen every day!!

  • The_boss

    #32 come the first of the year, someone's workload will be tripled. According to the boss, someone doesn't have enough work to keep them busy.

  • dead odb

    On behalf of the Masonic fraternity, may god bless you all this Christmas, and have a blessed day.

  • icommented

    #95 – too funny

  • cassidy

    #78 WTF #64 fire breathing snowman…your argument is invalid

  • icommented

    #88 – Dude, where did you get the portal gun?

  • Alex

    #85 "What's this, Twilight? Fuck this shit"

  • Nicholas

    I was so bummed that my girlfriend couldn't get my Chive shirt. I've been trying but they sell out so quickly! I was sad, but then I thought, "Pssh, I'll just keep calm and chive on." Christmas=Saved. By one little phrase. Much love Chive, much love.

  • Marvin

    Chive…..Just where in the Hell do I find some Chive Wrapping Paper???

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