Merry Christmas Everybody!! (123 Photos)

For those who care to have a nostalgic soundtrack playing while viewing the Christmas gallery, enjoy THE SNOWMAN – I’M WALKING IN THE AIR. This was always haunting and beautiful to me.

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  • ChristOnACracker

    #29 Daaaaamn! Check out the Tattle-cakes on this girl!!! mmmmm, I wanna burry myself in that!

  • Peter

    #114 genius!

    • Guest

      No, genius would have been putting the present under the tree and locking the girlfriend in the cage – would teach her a much better lesson.

  • Neil


    That is my daughter. She was so happy to get that shirt. She loves it.

  • J 7s

    Rock on with posting The Snowman! One of my favorite Christmas songs of all time. Yet another reason to KCCO.

  • Chaddick

    Anyone else have a problem with Pop-Ups when you opened this? My Mac went nuts for a second. I had about 10 windows open in a second. First time ever Chive! Just got a little worried. Happy Holidays Guys! See ya in the New Year!

  • hCG injections

    Yaiks! Great photos you shared there! Merry Christmas!

  • abba

    #58 is Perfection! Definitely moar!

  • Dallas Coppedge

    Glad to see that there are other chivers out there raising the big dork dogs also, love my boxers!!!!!! A loyal chiver in the Pineywoods of North East Texas

  • Richie

    #99, I know which present I am opening FIRST – the red one!

  • TEK

    #99 I think you were delivered to the wrong house. You are exactly what I wanted for Christmas.

  • santa

    #107 best pic ever

  • harraharr

    # 25 More pleeeease

  • meat

    #61 #90 every time!

  • PHat Kat

    #75 where did you get those sweeters!?

  • erikhart

    #58 GOD DAMN!!!

  • oclvtrek

    #116 Who knew Santa was a stud?

  • SlackMan

    MOAR!!! #58 and MOAR!!! #3 and MOAR!!! #29 PLEASE!!!

  • Yankee T

    #8—Would they be called "Chelfs" or "Chelves"????

    • Yankee T

      Maybe "Chelfettes"??

  • Red

    #57 Randy, you little fucker, Daddy is not going to kill Ralphie.

  • tarp

    think my ears are wreckd

  • ppolonskiy

    Am I crazy or is #39 Jenna Marbles?

  • AnItalianChiver

    #58 Merry Christmas to you too 🙂
    #78 that thing would scare the shit out of me
    #91 beautiful
    # Grumpy Cute
    Merry Christmas to you all, chivers and chivettes, from Italy 🙂 1day late. >_>

  • Irish_Idiot

    Fuckn mailing it on the 26th i see…. stuck at work and could seriously use the chive….

  • JohnnyDingo

    Get rid of the annoying video ads that play sound. I will not visit much till they go.

    Apart from that KCCO.

  • Chiefs420

    Really? No new posts till The FUCKING THIRD??? I heard once that they have the internet in Indiana or Illinois or wherever. It's true.

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