Meet us at the Green Parrot in Key West on Sunday

parrot Meet us at the Green Parrot in Key West on Sunday

As many of you already know, Patty and I are drinking our way across Key West this week on our vacation. We can’t believe how many Chivers there are on this little island so we thought we’d throw an unofficial meetup and buy y’all some drinks.

We’ll be at our most favorite bar in the world, the Green Parrot on Sunday around 7pm. Swing by and raise a glass! I’m drunk, I’m not spell checking this.

A reminder, theCHIVE will return full-force on January 2nd!



  • see this

    oh look they never sold one track

  • see this

    oh look

  • see this


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  • Dominic Matteo

    John I will be in key west next weekend,for the love of God stay an extra week!

  • chris

    i was just there. if u go on main strip there's a bar covered in ones. there is a stage and if you're facing it look to your left and in the corner u will see KCCO on a dollar bill.

    • Dominic Matteo

      i will have to check this out and report back with results

  • see this

    mean i dont need your personas banter etc

  • Guest

    why you no go to bloomington again?

  • nope

    yay key west, party with hella fags, might as well have had it at the democrat national convention

  • navydudeguy

    I was there last year and the bartender refused to serve me because I was in the navy. Apparently were shitty tippers. Needless to say, I left and went to fat Tuesdays. I hope shes been fired since then

  • LOS


  • Berto

    Ill be there in 3 months.:)

  • brett

    stop in orlando!

  • gtfhome

    "see this",
    GO home, you're drunk……

  • SOV

    I challenge each and everyone of you to do the Duval Crawl. This is a challenge known to the locals where you start at one end of Duval St. You then have a drink at each and every bar all the way down to the other side of Duval St. Most don't make it very far he he.

  • GeorgiaRosa

    So I suppose, I'm not going AGAIN!…when you ever gonna have one of these parties in Dublin, IRELAND..*stomps foot in slight rage*

  • Jack

    Awesome, but where y'all drinking today? It's my one day off. (Incidentally I know I good place for tequila on the island…)

    • Jack

      And to clarify I'm not the "Jack" from earlier.

  • clint

    everyone should overload the web cam and make it crash

    • Oops

      We already did that on your moms webcam. Sorry, dude.

  • John

    I cannot believe I am actually in Key West for this…KCCO. Won't be the same without my man Kyle though….

  • Sara Hallgren

    The University of Nebraska-Omaha Women's Swim Team will be in Key West for their annual training trip!!!

  • Taylor Nelson

    I live in Key West born and raised! Ill for sure meet you there!

  • Scott Cromer

    Always wanted to go to the mile marker one!!!!

  • Brittany Pruett

    I'll be there! Mind the gap shirt? Berry shirt? Green kcco? Or black chive shirt?

  • Alex

    WHY NOT NEXT SUNDAY!? Me and some friends are taking a motorcycle trip from Tampa to Key West but are just missing you all by a week!

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