Meet us at the Green Parrot in Key West on Sunday

parrot Meet us at the Green Parrot in Key West on Sunday

As many of you already know, Patty and I are drinking our way across Key West this week on our vacation. We can’t believe how many Chivers there are on this little island so we thought we’d throw an unofficial meetup and buy y’all some drinks.

We’ll be at our most favorite bar in the world, the Green Parrot on Sunday around 7pm. Swing by and raise a glass! I’m drunk, I’m not spell checking this.

A reminder, theCHIVE will return full-force on January 2nd!



  • marco

    -16 Celsius. 5feet of snow. Watching the band play from the live webcam on green parrot bar website…just gonna go cry a bit now..

  • Brian

    I recommend trying the rootbeer barrels! Best drink on the island

  • Shauna

    I'm here now! Where are you!!!!

  • Harry Oakley

    Are the keys a must see place for a touring Englishman?

  • ASF Shoots

    Man, missed you by a week, was just there over Christmas, the Green Parrot has the small local crappy cheap beer local hangout people watching pool shooting cigar smoking Key West time. Hope it was good!

  • JfromKY

    good meeting all u guys…. thanks for all the shots!!!!

    from a Kentucky Chiver

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