Cat Saturday (29 Photos)

  • Ted Burgess

    Meow!!!! Happy Caturday!!!!

    • Paula_

      -1 for improper use of 'meow' just meow. Oh and another for improper speling of "Cat Saturday"

      But hey: did you notice how Mac is the only one (yeah, yeah, some props to Alec too) who provides you with your so needed Chive fix? He rocks!

      – Fan testimonial: "Ah here! Paula much smarter than you! such an inaccuracy; she's smarter than everyone. – insanely great"

  • Hrdwood

    Was trying to think of something clever to say, but #28 stole my heart…

    • Ash

      Pure gold ๐Ÿ™‚

    • hatezis

      let me try: Xmas at Schrodinger's
      I've already gave this a shot but nobody found it funny, whatever Keep Calm and Happy New Year

      • Klesh

        Thumps up for physics!

      • Dak

        Just think outside the box… Thumbs up man ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • MattKL

      This is just great to watch.

    • Silent Brutus

      'Pussy In A Box' the little known sequel to 'Dick In A Box'

  • justin cider

    #23 ya when i said I wanted to watch you lick a pu$$y that's not what I meant.

    • Jack Wagon

      I have a much better use for that tongue…

    • Matt

      Good thing you used those $ signs so you could disguise pussy…close one



    • El_Hefe

      Little girl….Tard is a little girl cat ๐Ÿ™‚

    • AUSChiver

      I really think that Mac or John or anyone should make a post including ALL of the best grumpy posts of the year, as was done with "WTF" and "Hot Women" posts

  • Stephen

    Are you kitten me right meow

    • DejaVueisnotfunny

      Sorry dude… posting it twice in a row doesn't make it any funnier…

      • You're a cunt

        That's a bad cattitude.

        • BadCattitude

          Merry Christmas #18

  • Edmontonian


    I was playing Hawken online yesterday with some dude from States. He complained of how cold Alabama was yesterday. Cold in Alabama…you dont say….

    • Edmontonian

      (would some admin mind adding the 6 behind the 2 for me please :P)

      • Administrator

        No. You're a stupid fucker, own it.

    • Underhill

      It is so cold here in Belize I had to put on a tee shirt — for a while.

      • freddy boy

        I mean this in the nicest way. You suck.

  • luka_


    no more "girls in the mirror" for you buddy ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Justin

    #8 that guy writes some funny shit. Plus you can read that whole book there too.

  • WindyCityCHIver

    I never realize how much I miss the Chive until you have to wait a week for more than one new gallery a day. Come onnnn January 2nd!

  • Matthew

    Please tell this means the vacation is over. It's tough to KCCO when I don't have my Chive security blanket.

  • @julesmarie310

    Thanks for an unexpected Caturday post! yaaayyy

    • Kristen

      Fuck you, whore.

      • freddy boy

        Don't make me separate you whores.

        • Jack Wagon

          Kristen, why are you such a miserable sack of dog shit? Did your dad make you suck his dick after he pulled it out of your ass or what? Fuck off and die a slow painful death you lowlife piece of shit. Oh and also, fuck you.

      • @julesmarie310


    • Paula_

      It's Saturday. How on earth is Cat Saturday unexpected on a Saturday?

      Nice hat though. Care for a free drink?

      – Fan testimonial: "well it is ONLY the best site in the whole world. It has all you need and Paula too ๐Ÿ˜‰ – insanely great"

  • Casey jones

    C'mon man, where's the squishy flbp redhead hump gallery! For christs sakes!

    • Guest

      Its only one week, am sure you can find someelse to touch yourself to

      • Casey jones


  • originalflavorgobias

    "You can love your pets — you just can't 'love' your pets."
    the Truth About Cats and Dogs

  • freddy boy

    Mac, normally I don't care for Cat Saturday. Today was a stupendous success. Thanks for making me laugh.

  • Leroy Veritas

    The return of the Fuck you Mac cocksucker post. Even the holidays can't get rid of this horrid, pussified shit.

    • Leroy's mom

      This dude knows nothing of the chive. Only of HIV it has turned him into a bitter shell of a man. Thus is why you don't glory hole at grey hound bus terminals. Leroy….. Twice a year isn't queer isn't the best motto If you wish to avoid the herps.

    • EBT

      Soooooo what are you doing on the site then….?

    • Paula_

      You DO know 'Veritas' is a STD, right? Not in English though of course…

      – no free drinks for you

    • AmBush_Steve

      Sounds like the "King of Truth" is a little bitter about only getting a chunk of coal for Christmas. Perhaps you'll do better next year if you stop sucking the farts out of roadkill and leave your mom's basement.

  • Sysko

    I was gonna be mad if you guys didn't do cat Saturday

    • Paula_

      If you depend on Cat Saturday so much I fear it's already too late for you…

      – Fan testimonial: "Apparently they have Chive in hell."

  • Ruben

    #16 super cute! I want one!! # 18 always makes me lol. and # 23…is it weird I think that is soo hot?

    • RedwooGeorge

      Bengal kittens are super cute but beware: they're agents of chaos (speaking as an owner of one)

  • nope

    #28 priceless reaction.

  • zackgonick

    #8 #13 and #23… Quite the awesome Caturday!

  • pcangelnow

    Thanks Mac for doing this Cat Saturday while on vacation. I didn't think there'd be one but you made my day!

  • boob_cuddler

    #23 don't know whether to be turned on or make a joke.

  • It'sMe

    This always makes me want to go home and ignore my 2 dogs, husband and child and just play with the cats all day.

  • bigmak

    #23 that's disgusting

  • LuvsHorror

    The gifs are annoying, they slow down the whole page.

    • Shockteck

      Maybe you should upgrade to a Pentium 3?

    • nope

      are you using dial up or an Etch Sketch?

      • LuvsHorror

        Etch a sketch. Do you suppose that could be the problem?

        • Awe yeah

          Could be that the Internet monies was spent on some cheap wine for "cooking" eh? Maybe mommy is nipping the Christmas cheer a lil hard?

  • Mr. Grin

    #25 is the Baron from the Hayao Miyazaki movies "whispers of the heart" and "the cat returns". The second being a great lighthearted movie.

    • Dan

      So I wasn't imagining it! Thank you for the confirmation.

    • AmBush_Steve

      Thanks Cliff.

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