Cat Saturday (29 Photos)

  • ImpressMe

    #11 I believe that cat would hold his own with my dogs.

    • james

      I believe that cat would rip your dogs apart in seconds.

      • Bob the Cat Man

        Saw a bobcat take out two dogs once. It wasn't pretty…

  • AnItalianChiver

    LOL #23 is sooooo wrong.. I mean… Oh Jesus… The pussy reference is so obvious 😐
    29# nice one 😀

  • PCHannon

    #22 Ocelot? More like Oce-LITTLE!!! BOOM!

  • Darius


    Haters gonna hate

  • Jennifer

    #13 That is one content kitty

  • halfsmoke00

    The tiger seems happy to.

  • josh

    you should have labeled this whole thing.. Cats I have posted this year.

    • Lovemepussy

      What's a matter josh don't like rerun pussy?

  • K-1

    #8: funny, good timing
    #29: i got a nice laugh out of this one

  • mononcgus


    We received 45 cm (18 inches) of snow in Montreal this Thursday.

  • kateann_11

    #29 Takes the win!

  • northern_torch

    #11 is a caracal not a lynx, and they make terrible pets

    • Bob the Cat Man

      You are correct, sir. Thanks for pointing that out. I would add that the caracal is also called the "desert lynx", though not genetically part of the lynx family, or genus.

  • MattKL

    #19 Just a cat charging up with solar power, as cats do.

  • oracletheriver

    for a quick second there's a heart #15

  • Doug M

    I wonder at your posting at pictures like #24, where some jerk stuffs a cat in a jar and then takes a picture of it in hopes that it will be used on your website. The cat surely did not get there on its own and is clearly confused and terrified. It makes what are a few fun moments of my Saturday reading your website all the less enjoyable. I ask that if you receive pictures like this, that you at least take a moment to consider whether it was contrived simply for this purpose, and rethink using it on the page.

    • Bob the Cat Man

      Though I appreciate your point and concern, Doug, I think you may be reading too much into it. The cat may well have gone into the jar on its own (I've had cats go places voluntarily that I would not have predicted!), and it's not clear to me that this cat is "confused and terrified". The jar opening seems large enough for this cat to enter and leave the jar as it pleases. So, again, I agree that there are probably too many people doing things to cats out there that should not be done, I don't believe that is the case here. Maybe the Chive should remove it to prevent less-than-sympathetic copy-cat efforts, though!

    • drunkpunchy

      Hey Doug. You got some sand in your vagina there, buddy.

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