Soooo…. you got wasted (26 Photos)

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  • Dave

    #14 Well it looks like all I'll be getting for Christmas next year is an intervention then.

  • Jake

    Not quite "das boot" #19

  • markkens

    Epic. Usually you don't have time to build a dam.

    • @julesmarie310

      I pretty much just threw up in my mouth seeing this picture.

      • gmen

        ^ you're cute

        • gwiz

          ^ you're creepy

          • blueberry

            ^you're accurate

            • C'mon man

              ^ you're not accurate

    • Gdamn!!!!!!!!!


    • Kyle

      this is slightly disturbing

    • commander cool

      "what the.. I don't remember eating coasters"

  • poopstabber

    #12 doing it wrong

    • Gdamn!!!!!!!!!

      Guess which is is faking being passed out. Ready…go.

  • @julesmarie310

    #13 comfy buddy?

    • CalculatedRisk

      Sofa, so good.

    • sfd

      Sofa King Drunk…..

  • tralfaz

    #3 Woodneto's unusual super power only works when he's naked.

    • Gdamn!!!!!!!!!

      Lowes is missing some rockers right now.

      • Chris

        VWC!!!!! Ryman

  • tralfaz

    #25 Rich kids of Instagram.

    • Ctm

      Is it just me, or is his left leg freakishly long?

      • Dong Doctor

        He must usually have his dong running down his right pant-leg. When the balls are uncomfortable, men sometimes take a special step whilst walking (that sword doesn't play any part in this) to readjust the testicular and shaft position in the pants to a more homeostatic and comfortable position. This photo was taken during that awkward step.

  • teslawasrobbed

    #17 Not sure if he's a douche for pissing in the shower or a gentleman for not waking up the lady.

    • Gdamn!!!!!!!!!

      There's room. He coulda made it. Gotta have confidence my man. Confidence.

      • CacaConPelos


    • tralfaz

      What da fuck happened to your knee?

      • teslawasrobbed

        Was fouled during a game of basketball.

    • kingofthecastle

      What happens when he has to go number 2?

      • Eric Wallace

        She'll be even more shitfaced.

        • holyshit


          • Anonymous

            I would call him a nice guy. A gentleman would have peed in the sink.

    • Amber

      What makes shower pissing a douche move? Who DOESNT piss in the shower? It was basically made for it…

    • Tavish Johnson

      I, as the asshole who took the picture, believe that she was crying and he was simply trying to avoid her head while she wept. Real issue here is home owner Andy was in the next room sleeping. He was happy to see his bathroom on the chive.

  • sophie

    #18 love that diet!

  • Gdamn!!!!!!!!!

    Go home Mom. You're…wait. Nevermind. She's good.
    She's good everybody. Move along.

    • Zach Trevino

      21 shots for 21yrs lol she didnt quite make it

  • halfsmoke00

    #21 Just ironing out some details…

    • starchfree

      I am iron man…..

  • Tau Delt

    #15 this picture is probably the grossest pic ever posted on theChive, and almost as bad as Tub Girl. If you don't know what that is, google it and be amazed.

    • Sarax


    • Foxy

      The dude built a levee ffs,what more could you want?! He single handedly saved the bar!!

    • BANKSY

      Can't believe what I've just seen

    • John Knolhoff

      No where near tub girl

    • Scorched eyes

      Never heard of or seen Tub Girl until now. My new years resolution is no more google searches without a bucket near my desk.

    • Corndog

      tub girl is the grossest thing ive ever seen, and I am a 54 year old man, JEEEZUS! that was bad ! looks like they pumped her ass full of grease and let it fly !

  • Paula_

    Do you know what's fun?

    An animated gif of #15, only backwards. So that it looks like he's sluuuurping it all in.

    – the one you love to hate

    • NebraskaGuy

      Good grief, Paula – that's sick! Just the thought of that makes me want to puke!

      • Paula_

        Well… that WAS the big idea… ❤

        – the one you love to hate

        • GeorgiaRosa

          lol…..Heya Paula…Happy Nude Year to you!! <3…did I say that right,,,ah sure that'll do..;)

          • Paula_

            You too my little tease! ❤

            Are you in 2013 yet? Just under 2 hours meow for your beloved Paula…

            – Fan testimonial: "Paula, for a late Xmas gift I'd appreciate if you just died in a napalm fire. Thanks!"

            • GeorgiaRosa

              it's just over 2 hours for me.. to 2013 xx

        • NebraskaGuy

          But we don't need pictures like #15 to induce vomiting … that's what we have YOU for! muahaha!

          • Paula_

            SO!!??? Don't keep me all excited, tell me that I induce vomiting moar than #15!!1!

            – Fan testimonial: "Shut up Mac – Chad, Billy and others"

  • Mjonezy

    YDI for drinking smirnoff ice (like a female) and then passing out from it (like a female)

  • Mjonezy

    #16 YDI for drinking smirnoff ice (like a female) and then passing out from it (like a female)

  • miguel

    #15 Lucky enough to witness this occurrence love action.

    • miguel


  • socalmarti

    #1 and #15 Just made me want to stay sober!

  • M.F.N.D.

    #15 was taken at my work Christmas Party. Epic indeed.

  • waltgator

    #15 ahaha! action shot! nice!

  • majorfathead

    #21 That is one sturdy fucking ironing board! What the hell are you ironing steel ingots?

  • Vemelas

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  • cfbaby

    #1 is old town fort collins right??

  • Yo Quiero

    #24 Suddenly I have this strange urge to make a run for the border…

  • boredbill

    Look @ that ghastly tank top!!

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