5…4…3…2…1…HAPPY FLBP!!!!!! (51 Photos)

  • Brainpierced

    Nose ring= flush this picture

  • getemchecked

    Past due for your eye exam again

  • JohnnyD

    Did any chivettes participate in any New Year's Day polar plunge activities today? Prove it! Send pics of your cold body in your bikini ASAP!

  • chris

    #24 Great Pose!!!!!!!

  • Bronco man

    #29 and #45 report to my bed

  • Sirwally

    #18 #24 #35 need MOAR!

  • chad

    #34 really has to go back and rewatch the Star Wars movies. The hand jesture is not from there. Dressed as R2 and using Star Trek jestures. They were rivals in there day.

  • tjo55555

    #16 #24

  • Really?

    You're just a jealous teenage girl aren't you? Time to grow up…

  • redgun24

    #28 and #36 MOAR!! (I'd marry #28)

  • Evan

    I want 22 on the left anyone else?

  • mike

    #16 wins

  • Anonymous

    #41 Marry me!!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/robert.willox.18 Robert Willox

    can u help me find 41 shes so beautiful wounder where shes frm hope i can find her

  • jim

    Tig bitties. Yumness.

  • KSizzle

    Man a lot of these girls are beautiful, my favorites are #16, #29, #30, and 47-49 but 30 has to take it. Movie buff and beautiful.. Sold!

  • http://twitter.com/Trollfric @Trollfric

    HOLY FUCK #18

  • high

    Now owie shut my mouth slap your grandma. titties.


  • zgl

    #29 and #46 make the new year, moar please 🙂

  • anon

    #36 i have come to the conclusion that women are always colder than men to attract them in this fashion

  • Zuke

    Man, am I the only person who is torn between depression and happiness when seeing the sorts of ladies who are kind enough to submit to the chive?

    On one hand they're undeniably fine, and they happen to have spectacular chesticles, both of which certainly make me happy. How could they not?

    On the other hand, they're on the other side of the screen. Looking at them is like taunting myself, as my mind knows that interacting with them on any basis is impossible. You see a girl who looks good in real life, you can walk over and say hello, and even if that goes nowhere you still got to talk with them which is still satisfying on some level. That isn't possible in avenues like this. All you can do is look, know a given woman is out there somewhere, and know that you'll probably never, ever have the opportunity to meet them.

    Actually, an even bigger issue, in real life when a woman looks good, you can look at them, smile at them, generally give them positive attention to make them feel nice about themselves. Heck, that's pretty much the primary reason that so many chicks are willing to send pictures of themselves into a place like chive; they want to feel attractive and receive affirmation. Everyone wants that. The thing is that in real life you can directly make them feel good, which is satisfying probably for the same reason that, for example, going down on someone you like feels good; knowing that you're responsible for them feeling good feels darn good too. You can't provide positive feedback online though…well, you can, but in an extremely limited and impersonal fashion.

    Thus, I suppose that what I'm trying to say is that knowing that what many of these rather pretty girls are looking for is positive attention while simultaneously knowing that there's no way for myself or anyone else to personally give it to them is rather frustrating.

    So therefore I'm guessing that the best course of action would be to leave now. It's late and I've rambled enough, although I hadn't previously determined the strange feeling of distress I get when seeing images of good looking women, especially 'regular' ones, so hey, I guess that at least something worthwhile has come out of this.

    Oh, and thanks to all of the above individuals for taking the time to submit; without you all the chive wouldn't be anything.

    • CeCe

      My picture made it in the FLBP post today, and that was exciting for me, especially since I did not send it in as FLBP. I had no idea it was going to make it in this category, but I was delighted to see it here nonetheless. That being said, and my rather large and wonderful breasts aside, the most intriguing portion of this post for me was your comment. If youre ever bored and you feel like having a Chiver pen pal you should email me. connorchristy@rocketmail.com

  • pete

    18 who is this beauty? I need more!

  • Justin

    #47, nice!

  • Perin

    #18 Good Lord

  • Bob Loblaw
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