Dad builds his son the best bed EVER (17 Photos)

  • jojo

    ready camera 1, take 1. dissolve to camera 3. lets make some TV baby!!!!

  • izaakmak

    Oh that's just TOO cool!

  • theKid

    #16 Tim Tebow is his Dad?… isn't that technically impossible

  • Eder

    Dad looks like Tebow. Awesome job, Tebow!

  • TomTheCameraGuy

    I love that it's an old TV switcher. Bet the kid doesn't know, and it was probably going to be thrown away anyway, so why not?!

  • Jacob

    Not to be a jerk (too late), but this is just an elaborate and well-conceived control panel shoved under the top bunk. He didn't even actually do anything to the bed itself other than hang a black curtain. The title of this post is annoyingly overzealous.

  • zgl

    good job dad, thats a lot of awesome.

  • MonkeyMadness

    Your bed is a spaceship.
    Yeah, but it's a fucking sweet spaceship!

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