• dasaab

    HOLY SHIT! No way! Jackie Chan is Chuck Norris's mentor. Jackie Chan deserves all the medals an entertainer can possibly get. He better be the 1st in the "Top 10 Actors of all Time"

  • waryee

    My god, never knew the extent of his action stunts. You're the man Jackie!

  • Stupid moron

    "Jumps through a window of real glass", "There's no green screen here, he's really hanging 1,000 feet above the ground".

    Come the fuck on. I mean, he's good, genuinely good, but this is still the fucking movies.

    • Jaden

      My uncle was part of the film crew on police story 3: Supercop… He did the stunt without green screen or any cgi

  • Troy

    the exact reason he is my favorite action star ever since i was a kid. Film Hero.

  • http://twitter.com/jolange2 @jolange2

    Would have been cooler if the guy from the Honey Badger video narrated this.

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