Meanwhile, in the world I wish I lived in… (32 Photos)

  • HumpDan

    #16 I wish I was her bike seat.

    • DaddyD

      I think she poops glitter too.

    • teslawasrobbed

      That's Sarah Shahi from the L Word.

    • Frank M

      Instead of wishing to be her bike seat, try wishing to be the guy that taps that ass on a regular basis.

  • NO ONE

    #32 Doin it right!

  • Tom

    #23 Some men just want to watch the world dance.



  • Jay



    • donlan

      not very. the incubation period of a chicken is around three weeks (21 days for those of you keeping track at home). There are 75 tick marks visible on the interior of the hatched egg. That length of time is closer to a dog or a wolf's gestation period. That is… if wolves laid eggs.

      I take it back, the implications of this photograph and its pairing with the title of this section "the world i wish i lived in" is appropriate. Wolf eggs would be tits. Not to mention wolf omelets.

  • I Eats Bacon

    #32 In the kitchen? Check!

  • The World We Live in

    #25 is Pfeiffer Falls, Big Sur, CA

    • The World We Live in

      sorry, Mcway Falls @ Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

      • Mick

        I took a picture from that same spot. My photo came out looking like crap. I wish I had instagram….

  • tv_paul

    #28 The Devil made me do her..I mean it.

    • Brian

      That's it, I'm joining the dark side.

    • Hrdwood

      You broke your New Year's resolution THAT FAST????

      • tv_paul

        I'm like Kramer from "The Contest"….I'm out.

    • STDalicious

      Who else remembers seeing this pornstar over 15 years ago? She's been around since AOL sent free trial cd's in the mail.

      • Orukal

        Anyone who remembers seeing this pornstar over 15 years ago has issues. She's only 27, now.

        • 30yearold

          Yeah, bullcrap. I was looking at her topless photos on "these girls are 18 sites" back when I was in juniorhigh.

    • justme

      Do you see what I see?

    • Where's Dildo

      Those are the heads of penis's she's slain

  • DanTheMan

    #28 got me way too excited. I need to pray

    • GREG

      WHO IS IT?

      • Yummy

        She get's naked. I've seen enough of her to be her proctologist.

        • 30somethin

          You have thumbs downs from kids who have no idea she's been posing for porn shots for over 15 years. Don't worry man, I brought your thumbs up total to a fair even 🙂

          Looks to me like Alec uses the free preview system of porn aswell.

          • Orukal

            Considering that she's only 27 now, I'm going to have to question your math.

      • Legion

        Ariel Rebel

    • Jebus

      Ariel rebel

  • Dave

    #27 legal before it was illegal. Lame. Welcome back Chive!!

    • Cerb

      That looks like solving traffic problems by burning the city to the ground.

  • sfb101

    Whant me some #30!

  • Ron

    You need a new category, Dressed to fix Breakfast, #32 for example. Thank you.

  • dkellyb

    #1 yup, I'm pretty sure that's what happened to one of my guinea pigs too… Nothing shows affection like some good chewing -_-

  • YOYO

    #16 Sarah Shahi

    • Courtesy Flush

      Actually it's Aahoo Jahansouz.

    • MeGuesto

      If you know these girls names- you have no life, no friends, probably work in IT and probably have social anxiety

    • Hahahagary

      Actually it's Nicole from the pussy cat dolls

  • Tiber_Septim

    #1 Known fact: Hamsters can chew through metal cages. If a hamster was as big and powerful as a lion, we're all fucked

    • Courtesy Flush

      You could just put it in a big wheel.

  • Macd

    #3 simply amazing

    • Anon

      Think I would give here a few more years, 16 is legal in Norway but not in the states.

  • Bethany Salyer

    #32. #32. #32…… #32

  • crustybubblechunks

    #23 Just happened to sync up perfectly with Phil Collins' That's All

  • Ally

    #24 is the perfect mixture of "wtf" and "bahahahahaha" XD

    • Holy Shamoly

      How the fuck did this kid run over a seal?

  • Dumpster

    I need to take a dump. Join me.

  • joe fap

    #28 Ariel Rebel..your welcome. To the fap cave!!

  • WalterSobchak_

    #28 who is she?

    • Courtesy Flush

      Look up ^^^^^

      • WalterSobchak_

        Was put in as I was typing. ty

    • Randy

      Ariel Rebel

  • Brett Hall

    #7 Daddy rike!

  • Nick

    Who is #11? I feel like I've seen her before somewhere?

  • freddy boy

    #28 Now I remember why I studied theology.

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