Son of a…Blackhawks get foamed (18 Photos)


  • whyme1973

    #2 What a mess.
    #11 Cutie. Would sexually harass.

  • Guest

    Seen a Chinook hanger get foamed on accident, smelled terrible and took forever to clean up.

  • lurenbach

    what happened there??

  • Rob_The_Builder

    Ugh, that blows. I'm part of a HAZMAT/Reclaimation team and get called to those occasionally. The worst cases to respond to are the accidental set offs and the for-no-reason-whatsoever foams. :/

  • pennywise1540

    As a dangerous place, a military hangar have explosives and fuel inside that has to be ensure from an accidental flame. That´s why it has an automatic system to detect and extinguish fire. If you have oil fuels, there´s a great problem, because it can´t be extinguish with water. So you have to use foam: you throw in case of accident water with detergent, so it can cover and drown the fire. And in great quantities, because the fire would extend dangerously quickly and high.

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