• 908s

    That was pretty fucking dope. Kudos

    • fucked

      My friends in elementary school would always try to trade me for my Kudos bar. Of course, they thought it would be as easy offering some pretzels or a cracker ham sandwich without cheese from a lunchable kit. Fucking morons. In retaliation to their disrespect, I would take 17 Children's Tylenol (pm's) and pass out during a PEMDAS lesson. With the teacher wondering why my heart wasn't beating, they would find the empty bottle of medication in the desk of Chris Pepper, and had no choice but to suspend him. Of course, this was after our principal, Mr. Cushenberry, tied Chris down to the bottom of a slide where he would allow my still breathing classmates to pour lava, and roll large boulders down sed slide. Good times, man.

      • Ian


      • https://www.facebook.com/Jerkass72 Adam Martinez

        this made me fart while laughing. thanks.

      • fucked

        i thought you guys would accept me for who i am

  • jholmes

    quick put out the fire on the boat that's in the water that has no chance to be salvaged.

    • Jim

      Saved the hillside from catching fire….

    • http://twitter.com/scaggnettii @scaggnettii

      that isn't the reason it was put out you dumb fuck

      • tonytwotone

        What a dipshit… maybe they were keepinf the fire from spreading up a dry hillside you dumb douche

    • Orukal

      Any idea if there was anything on the boat that could still be saved? Genius.

    • Sorbz

      Well one big reason would be to stop the motor oil and gas from leaking into the lake.

  • thom

    That is pretty great, but he will probably be fined for going to close to the shore due to some environmental regulation, or get in trouble by the local firefighters union for doing their work.

  • Alicia

    i like how the first guys is like "what is he doing?" then silence >.<

  • tv_paul

    "You motorboatin' son of a bitch!…"

  • Mr. Mackle

    I think a fire on a boat is a stupid problem to have… A fire, thats floating on the one thing that puts it out.

    • fucked

      I know! We should really talk to fires about this.

      • r435

        Maybe get that lady from North Dakota to do it. I think she was really onto something with the deer crossing signs. lol

    • tonytwotone

      Are you fucking retarded? Did it not occur to you that maybe a fire next to a dry hillside could be bad news?

    • Fernando


  • fucked

    somebody get this man a blow job

    • Das funny


    • Turd F.

      He was in a speed boat; he was most likely getting one already.

      • fucked

        her throat would have been all bloodied after that bj

  • Jafe

    Mac just copies and pastes from El Telemondo.

    • Kevin

      Hey thanks for that awesome comment douchebag!! Everyone thinks you're so cool now. That said, go back to telemondo and stay there. Chive is both original content as well as stuff shared from other sites. That's kind of the magic of the internet. Next time you want to waste everyone's time with your really insightful comments, feel free to start your own blog so you can whine about all your troubles in one, concentrated poop-filled adventure. I bet you wear TapOut t-shirts.

  • LeftFlasherOn

    It looked cool, but in reality it was stupid. The boat on fire was a complete loss that was obvious at the first glance. Luckily the bank drop off was enough to keep the foot of the motor from going aground – at 60 mph. This guy could have easily trashed a $50,000 boat trying to do something that was unnecessary. Or he could have caught some bottom or a stump and injured everyone on the boat.

    • Wrench

      Thanks mom…. bitch

    • Berty

      You are so smart and sensible.

    • Jrod

      Dude, shut up, this was awesome.

    • tonytwotone

      Or he saved the hillside from catching fire which everyone whos ever seen California or what a fire does in terrain and conditions like that knows the potential for loss. How many millions of dollars of homes did he save? How many wildland firefighters died last year you dumb fuck?

    • VaderWRX

      I'm pretty sure that was a jet boat so there's little chance of him running a ground with no prop. 60mph… more like 30mph and at that speed the only danger was the smoke hiding the boat. He did a great service and did it with style. My hats off to this gentleman, well played sir, well played.

    • Syler

      But he didn't….

    • Sbow311

      Yep… Pretty much, Fuck you… Douche

    • Snatchandsniff

      Do you wake up in the morning and have a cup of douche and a nice bowl of douchbag?

    • Sorbz

      For all we know the guy was very familiar with that area and new it was safe. He also might have kept oil and gas from spilling into the lake.

  • 3pleasantgentlemen

    People who think that was unnecessary were the same kids who didn't want to build a bike ramp. Get f'd, nerds!!!

  • matt

    Its a jet boat. Propeller driven boats don't bank and spray water in fashion. Or turn that way either. But ingenuity to put out the fire was smart.

  • Steve Grenier

    Well that was epic.

  • http://euroranger.wordpress.com/ Euroranger

    And here all the while I was working with a totally different definition for "motorboating".

  • Mike

    It's a jet boat, uses a Hamilton jet unit no prop. Only needs few inches of water to run buddy.

  • mitch26753

    "0h WTF dude i wanted to turn that into insurance now they're not going to total it!!"

  • Canucks_Rule

    nothing more to say than what's already been said… BOSS.

  • AstroMikeDexter

    To the people saying it's stupid – I'd just like to add that by doing this, the guy in the jet boat prevented a disaster. The video was taken at Lake Lyndon, New Zealand. Our local news here (in NZ) reported that there were 2 big gas tanks on board the boat. The owner of the boat on fire was hugely thankful to the dude extinguishing it, as he actually ended up salvaging a lot of stuff he had on the boat.

    Also it looks awesome as hell.

    • http://www.superseedband.com AndySaximus

      Damn… Gotta get over to New Zealand.

  • Hahahagay

    That guys a fucking CHAMP!!! Epitome of KCCO

  • Jezza67

    God bless drunk Kiwis.

  • Alumni72

    This dude just owned the phrase "like a Boss".

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