• Question_Mark_


  • blarf

    Its "mannequin" fucktard. Fuck you chivers are stupid

    • kidn

      It's "It's".

  • that guy


  • Duh-me

    Why does she start crying? Is she that disappointed that the toilet was occupied?

  • BuffaloJustSayin

    Isn't a manakin a bird? You meant, maybe, a mannequin?

  • Nobody special

    This boy put a camera in his mother's bathroom. Anyone stop to think about that a little further? Ick.

    • Jonny Apps

      Fuckin' creepy! First thing I thought was, what if she doesn't go in the toilet room and comes in to take a shower and/or bath…now the joke's on you kid!!!

    • Ash

      Maybe it took him a few attempts, some of which including his mom taking a bath.

  • waylon

    That was funny, but what if she decided to take a bath instead of using the toilet and found that camera? Son's got some explaining to do.

    • this guy says

      actually that's how some of my favorite porno's start out

  • AngryJoe

    Argh! I'm angry. You used the wrong word. ::grumble, grumble:: Wait, what video?

  • CaptObvious

    Mom begins to disrobe for the camera…

  • http://twitter.com/JustGresh @JustGresh

    I was thinking to myself the whole time what if she didn't have to go to the bathroom..? What if she took a bath or showered…….. Kid would be filming his mom…. Still funny though.

    • fucked

      or what if she started fucking the mannequin

  • JTW

    That son will surely burn in Hell for that. But dear god was it funny.

  • Darko

    The title on the page says "mannequin" but on the tab on my browser it says "manikin".

  • saltygary

    She totally starts rubbing her titties at 0:28

  • http://euroranger.wordpress.com/ Euroranger

    aka: "how to be a dick to your mom".

    Wouldn't surprise me if the after convo featured the phrase "should have gotten that abortion" more than once.

  • fucked

    I had the same reaction when that chuck-e-cheese ad came on

  • Rich

    I think Mom needs that toilet paper now…

  • rooster

    She looks right at the camera at 1:09. But her reactions seems legit….

    • Tim

      Yeah, it's fake as hell.

  • Kyle

    Mom has a dope ass bathroom

  • K-1

    i got a huge grin on my face!

  • http://twitter.com/julesmarie310 @julesmarie310

    ah yes, the ole prospector mannequin prank… gets 'em every time!

  • Hank Hill

    Damn a shower. What if his mom had come in there and ripped a big purple dildo out the drawer and started sawin on that ol pootie poo.

    • bdh

      You should be writing erotic literature.

      • Hank Hill

        I've been told that on more than one occasion, I tell ya what.

  • M00seKnucklez

    That's the most over reacted retard reaction I've ever seen and pretty creepy putting a camera in your moms bathroom. Incest perv.

  • 908s

    (Central) New Jersey unofficial theCHIVE meet-up anyone? Lets do it; you won't regret it. If you agree, show some love or keep reposting this on which ever 'album' till it trends. Lets go

  • Okram

    Stoopid bored kid. Kick him out and get a job! Punk.

  • Canucks_Rule

    diggin' the layout of the bathroom. lol.

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