Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (43 Photos)

  • Juju Bee

    #43 wins the entire fucking internet! Take the rest down. All that we need to see is her.

  • That guy

    #39 Alpaca my stuff and be there soon!

  • ebob

    #7 Pooter on a scooter!

  • Jerseydcc

    Oh #35 and #43 you just made my weekend start off right. Keep Giving MOAR!!! You two are perfect.

  • Jeff

    #43 Two things, First, you have really stepped up your game with this pic/pose and second, I'm in love with you (not kidding)
    Your devoted follower.

  • Scout72

    #43 is unreal her pics get better and better every time smokin hot

  • Scout72

    #43 just has to mind her gap and hump dar us

  • kftommy

    Can't get enough of you #43!!

  • Matty D

    #43 Dear God thank you and as always MOAR!

  • Steve

    #43 needs to be COTW. NOW.

  • Jane

    #43 stop commenting on your own photos

  • Foci

    #43 Absolutely phenomenal. Definitely CoTF ASAP. If you go back through her submissions, you can literally see her confidence grow, and that's the sexiest part about her. Don't get me wrong, everything else is damn near perfect!

  • Legion

    #43 It makes me happy whenever I see her on the chive

  • Kyle

    #43 OMG where are you??!

    #23 FIND HER!

  • ShadowChiver

    #23 Arrest me please?

  • http://tomisclever.blogspot.com tom g

    i love the girl #43

    she needs her own post. chivette of the week?

  • Jasen

    #35. Would love to get to know her! Absolutely moar pls!

  • KuXx

    Moooooaaaaaarrrrr #16

  • Bloodbeard

    #39 It's good seeing Taylor Lautner spending time with his family.

  • Robert

    I swear i know the woman in this pic… anyway to find where it came from? and could use more:)

  • Spurge

    Saw #43 and WOW….

  • luvmyeChive

    #43. Moar Please!!!

  • Dr. Evil

    Is it bad that I laughed at #8?

  • Deep

    #43 I love you!

  • Mattyj

    For the sake if power in numbers… #10 pretty please moar?

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