Day 34: Yep, these polar bears definitely don’t believe I’m one of them (15 Photos & Video)


  • hhgfhgg

    I can see one at the zoo

  • Will

    #1 #3 … and Coca-Cola wants to SAVE these things???? (Actually, from the video it would appear the bear was simply curious as to what this … thing… was that was suddenly in it's territory.)

    • Chive On!

      Why wouldn't they wanna save them? Pretty sure if we had to hunt for our own food, we'd all be pretty fuckin savage, too. We're just lucky enough to have grocery stores and restaurants.

  • Hrdwood

    I'm guessing this guy was already praying to Jesus the whole time…

    • Trig

      Check out the Nylock nuts that don't have any threads in them…built by cowboys…which is rare all the way up there.

  • BOB

    Bear is obviously concerned that you're stuck in there.

  • Norm

    Nope. I bet he doubted the construction of that pod at some point during that. Had no idea so many chivers are polar bear experts, by the way. "it's a little know fact that polar bears can't digest humans…It didn't want to eat him, it was just curious as to what this thing was in its territory" OK, Cliffy.

    • IMVHO

      Let us all urbandictionary the Buffalo Theory, and shed a tear at the beauty of it.

  • Fasi Hussaini

    I would have farted threw that small cracked and see what it does.

  • eric

    It's a Cracker Jack box for bears

  • Keegan


  • Canucks_Rule

    #11 – why?

  • Ken Sampson

    Yep. Better check the locks just to make sure! As if the bear had an Eskimo friend with opposable thumbs. Kinda makes you wonder which intern was taking pictures from the outside of the cube.

  • cadaver

    Angry bear is angry

  • Mitchell

    Uhhh how bout NO

  • Jimmy

    Great, a bear that has less and less access to a food source gets a chance to waste some time and energy on attempting to get at a person with a camera for our entertainment!

    • IMVHO

      Good point! We should all let Gordon Buchanan know that he can better spend his time filming other wonderful aspects of nature. If Gordon knew, Jimmy, then maybe the world would know more about Theodore, the amazing circus cockroach, rather than bothering this bear.

      Break it to Gordon slowly, Jimmy; but do it right. Not just because we know that Gordon seems to think, for some crazy reason, that the world needs to see things like this bear, while Theodore goes unnoticed. Do it for all of us – the wider world that refuses to watch a polar bear in polar places being robbed of her food by someone who cares not that this is the last of her kind in that place at that time. Surely, Gordon knows not what he does, Jimmy.

      It saddens me too, Jimmy. Teach him, and teach us all! Theodore begs you. Do it for him.

  • erw311

    The polar bear – "Nobody wants to play with me!" Aceventura.jpg

  • babaganush

    #11 oh look it wants to play #5

  • Andddyyyyyyyyy

    I seen this #11 and immediately thought of this…

  • LBF 4 ever


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